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  1. gnnairda

    your life as a line cook

    How did you guys survive during your years as a linecook? after working a couple jobs here I learned somethings. 1) It's a lot of fun  2)your social life goes down the drain 3) almost no time or tired to cook at home 4) s*** pay. the last 3 facts I've learned worries me about the future...
  2. gnnairda

    infused olive oil fresh vs dried

    I'm about to experiment with some olive oil. I take it that you take w/e herb and blanch it quickly then blend it with some oil and let it sit for a day and you got your infused oil.  Is there a significant difference in taste when making it with fresh compared to dried after straining? Take...
  3. gnnairda

    Handling a rush

    I recently got slammed by a rush and I understand  that 1 week of experiences obviously isn't enough for me to handle it alone but I want to think of a strategy to make up for my lack of experience. I work nights responsible for my own station where I do pans/woks/appetizers which I mostly do...
  4. gnnairda

    First "restaurant" job

    I finally got a job at a bar & grill connected to a hotel.At first I was in awe by just the fact that I was in a kitchen. They started me off as a line cook that is responsible for salads and the grill.. I explained to the person incharge that cooking is my dream and passion and he told me he...
  5. gnnairda

    very stiff dough

    I've never had this happen to me before since my first time to attempt ever in making bread. When I was kneading the dough I noticed it was really stiff . I've used this same formula for a whole year every week without a single problem and with a cold kitchen (17C) Process of a (66% hydrated...
  6. gnnairda

    Mac Pro Vs Mac Chef series

     I found a store that carries both these series and the Chef series seems to be on average 2/3 of the price compared to Mac Pro. What are the major differences between the 2 series? Is the metal on the Pro stronger? one holds an edge longer then the other?
  7. gnnairda

    Induction cooking

    So I've been reading up on induction cook tops and the gist of it is the magnetic doo-hicky makes the the the heat release directly from the pot instead of the having heat transferring from outside of the pot to inside which wastes energy. They work with any stainless steel that sticks to a...
  8. gnnairda

    Volunteering at restaurant

     Hi all, When I ask someone if I can volunteer  at their restaurant do I tell them that I will work for free for the sake of getting kitchen experience? Should I bring a resume?   Would it matter if I include my First Aid certificate , Radiation safety certificate to help show help show I'm...
  9. gnnairda


     Well from what I've ready dimples are suppose to avoid or at least have less food sticking on the knife. Is there a disadvantage for it besides making it look ugly?
  10. gnnairda

    Lamb Shank dissapointment

    I started off by sauteing my mire poux then seared the lamb shanks on medium on 4 sides 2 minutes each I then deglazed both pan/bot with some red wine and placed them both into a larger pot added chicken stock till covering the shanks. added spices baked on 320F for 2 hours wasn't fall off...
  11. gnnairda

    Food Scale

    I'm looking for food scale that is accurate and precise to the tenth of a gram. I've heard of ones that go up to one thousandth of a gram , which seems highly unlikely , otherwise the school I go to must be pretty stupid paying thousands of dollars for high calibrated scales :lol: any brands...
  12. gnnairda

    Chinois strainer

    I'm thinking of buying a Chinois strainer but I'm wondering how fine the mesh should be. I understand that the finer more particles are filtered ,but is there going to be a time when I'll be limited by using an extra fine mesh compared to a fine mesh? is there a certain brand I should get or...
  13. gnnairda

    spice tasting

    Is tasting dried spices recommended? There are some spices I have no clue how they taste alone so I don't know how it will effect the taste in the final product. Especially in those recipes that ask for a lot of spices. Thanks in advance
  14. gnnairda

    Hail from Edmonton Alberta

    Hello, I stumbled upon this forum looking for plating tips and thought this is a nice community of folks. Cooking is a hobby for now but I do dream of being a chef . I definitely know I will learn lots of things from you guys.:chef:
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