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  1. kirstens

    Kaffir Lime Leaves & Galangal

    Can someone help me out as to what these two ingredients are?
  2. kirstens

    Bourdain - NY - Les Halles - Worth It?

    I'm sure some of you foodies out there have eaten at Bourdain's Les Halles. Good? Worth checking it out? Also, has anyone eaten at Sakagura? Thoughts? Thanks!
  3. kirstens

    Potatoes and discoloration

    How do you prevent the discoloring of potatoes when you bake them? I have heard about using ascorbic acid when soaking the potatoes in water but can’t seem to find this powder anywhere. Would adding lemon juice to the water when soaking potatoes help? Or would that alter the flavoring, giving...
  4. kirstens


    Would anyone like to offer a zesty, jambalaya recipe? I've found some with shrimp and / or chicken but just curious as to how other's make theirs.
  5. kirstens


    I know I could google recipes and I do have a couple stashed in my cookbooks, but I'm curious to see other's recipes. Anyone?
  6. kirstens

    Lentil Soup

    Does anyone have a good lentil soup recipe, chicken broth based? I went to this Armenian restaurant last night and had the most delicious cup of their lentil soup. It reminded me of a thick, chicken rice soup. I've never cooked with lentils either. Is it similar to cooking rice?
  7. kirstens

    Crab Meat

    I'm making a hot crab dip over the weekend. Is there a huge difference between lump and claw? I realize lump is more fluffy, white, tender while the claw meat is more grainy. My grocer didn't have lump so I bought claw. Should this make a huge difference in the dip? Much appreciated.
  8. kirstens

    Lithuanian Kugelis

    Does anyone have any idea as to how long kugelis keeps? I'm thinking because it has so many eggs in the dish, not very long. Is a week too over zealous?
  9. kirstens


    So I have been on this mango kick lately. I bought a couple and completely under ripe, hard and light yellow once cut. Does anyone have any suggestions how to store these under ripe slices? Are they quicker to ripen if left in the fridge or on the counter?
  10. kirstens


    Bucatini is one of my favorite cuts of pasta but I can never find it in my everyday grocery. I know I can always go to an Italian market but does anyone else face this problem? Why is it so hard to come by?
  11. kirstens

    Lithuanian Kugelis

    Does anyone have a good Kugelis recipe? I have one but looking for a better one. The one I have has sooo much butter and eggs and missing the bacon. Although it wouldn't taste better cutting down on the eggs and butter but curious about toning it down.
  12. kirstens


    Cashews are by far my favorite nut, always have them in a dish on my coffee table. Do any of you keep nuts stored in the freezer? I keep them in my pantry, but read somewhere since they have oils in them, they keep longer in the freezer. My mom always stored in the pantry (tend to follow what my...
  13. kirstens

    Dried Mushrooms

    Would the water you use to soak dried mushrooms in make a big difference in a soup? I usually use water instead of broth when making soups and just bump up all the herbs. I would think it would make a big difference but I wouldn't want this mushroom flavor to be so overpowering. I have never...
  14. kirstens


    I'm thinking of making a barley mushroom soup but I have never had barley before? Is it like a rice and do you cook like a rice?
  15. kirstens

    Easy Bread

    Does anyone have an easy focaccia recipe? I've searched but I'm not sure how easy the recipes I've found are. I want it really simple, maybe with goat cheese and rosemary?
  16. kirstens

    Roasted Garbanzo Beans

    Has anyone served these and what would this go with? Alone, pita chips, bagel chips, baguette slices? I found a recipe with chili powder and then to bake on a cookie sheet. Any other recipes worth sharing? I love chick peas and have been looking for different recipes for these little goodies.
  17. kirstens

    2 For 1 Egg

    Has anyone had two egg yolks come out of one egg? Would this count as two eggs? First time this has happened and wondering if it'll affect my pound cake?
  18. kirstens


    Is this popular to find in your everyday grocery store? I'm looking to do a quince, manchego cheese crostini but can't find this ingredient. I just learned of this combo recently so not too familiar with quince.
  19. kirstens

    Phyllo Cups

    Does anyone have any easy recipes with some sort of savory filling for a phyllo cup? When I search the web a lot recipes show up with spinach and tomatoes. I personally love both these ingredients but there are a couple of people who would pass. I'm looking for this as an appetizer for...
  20. kirstens

    Savory Brie

    Does anyone have a tasty savory brie cheese recipe? I've done the sweet, you know the puff pastry with brown now I'm looking for a savory one to do.
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