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  1. doe965

    Cracking Cake :(

    I have a coffee cake recipe that I have been making for about 4 years.  Recently when I am making it the cake is breaking into thre pieces.  While it is baking , I see it cracking on the top.  So I have purchased new baking powder and soda, fresh butter and cake flour. My eggs are room temp...
  2. doe965

    Mold Inhibitor

    Does anyone know if mold inhibitors are good for cakes?  If it is does it change the taste of the cake? Dori
  3. doe965

    Renting Kitchens Poll

    Hi everyone, I was speaking with my business partner today and we came up with the idea of creating a kitchen specifically designed for renting.  We toyed with the idea for about an hour and decided we needed to know if there is a market for this. So,  I am taking an informal poll to see if ...
  4. doe965

    Homemade Brown Sugar

    I would like to make my own brown sugar, however, I wanted to know if anyone had thoughts as to whether homemade is better than store bought. Also, if I make my own brown sugar will it change the flavor of my cakes and pastries? Dori
  5. doe965

    Pastry flour & Cake flour

    Is there a real big difference between pastry and cake flour? If I use pastry flour for pie crust instead of all-purpose will it change the texture of the crust.
  6. doe965

    65th Birthday Menu

    Hi Everyone, My brother and I are throwing my mother a surprise birthday party. The theme is "Motown" but we are at a lost as far as the menu. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what would go with the theme? Dori
  7. doe965

    Liquid Flavorings

    I have a friend who makes gourmet chocolates. She gave me 9 bottles of concentrated liquid flavorings. (Way too many that I could possible use) I would like to make a couple of test cakes and incorporate some of the flavors. If I make a 9" cake should I use only a teaspoon of flavor? I would...
  8. doe965

    Starter Confusion

    Ok..... I have made bread from scratch for a few years now and I still have an issue with making sourdough starter. I have read about every way to make starter and I still have the same issue, after a few days the starter begins to separate. I know in some instances that this is normal, however...
  9. doe965

    Good Morning Everyone

    Good Morning All, Believe it or not I found this site by accident. :chef: I am a mother of two who has been coooking since the age of 7. I love to bake and decided last year to start my own coffee cake business. Yes, starting this business was a bit imtimidating but I am determined to be the...
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