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  1. schmoozer

    Easy Appetizers Wanted

    My GF is going off for a long weekend with some friends in a couple of weeks.  They are renting a house and will be doing some cooking with everyone having a specific responsibility.  GF is in charge of appetizers.  I've given her a few recipes and ideas such as marinated cheese, a marinated...
  2. schmoozer

    Knives: Moving up from Forschner

    I am looking for an eight (probably) or ten inch chef's knife to use in my GF's apartment.  Her knives are terrible, but she doesn't cook much any more, and doesn't need (or know how to use or properly care for) a good quality blade.  I was thining of getting a Forschner because of price and...
  3. schmoozer

    Water inside boiled eggs

    This evening we made a batch of deviled eggs.  When we removed the cooked yolk we noticed a small amount of water in the emptied whites.  It seems to have been trapped between the yolks and the whites.  How can this be?  What causes this?  How can it be prevented?  We had to dry the whites by...
  4. schmoozer

    Boiled Eggs: Best way to store and for how long

    I'd like make a batch of boiled eggs.  Some questions: How long can boiled eggs keep in the fridge after cooking?  Will hard boiled eggs last longer than medium boiled eggs?  Can they be kept for any length of time when the shells have been removed?  How long can they last in the shell but...
  5. schmoozer

    Wanted: Vegetarian Recipes from Mid-East, Turkey, Pakistan, etc.

    Hi gang, I'm looking for some vegetarian recipes from the Mid-East, Turkey, Pakistan, etc.  It would be a bonus if you have any background on the recipe, such as where it's from, info on any hard-to-find ingredients, etc. Thanks for any help,
  6. schmoozer

    Problem with 40 Garlic Chicken

    I'm making dinner for friends later this week and want to make Olney's Chicken with 40 Cloves of Garlic.  This weekend I made a test batch using some cheap, supermarket chicken. The test batch was disappointing because there was an inordinate amount of fat and liquid discharged from the chicken...
  7. schmoozer

    Veal Knuckle

    I am going to make a meat stock later this week, and my recipe calls for a "meaty veal knuckle" or two.  What is a knuckle and what could make a good substitute? Thanks!
  8. schmoozer

    Substitute for Lovage

    What may make a good substitute for the herb, lovage?  I want to use lovage, or the substitute, in Olney's recipe for Chicken with 40 Cloves of Garlic. Thanks!
  9. schmoozer

    40 Garlic Chicken, Olney's Recipe

    Some of my cookbooks are in storage, including the two books I have with Olney's recipe for 40 Garlic Chicken.  I did a web search and could not find the recipe.  Does anyone have a link to Olney's   recipe?  Thanks!
  10. schmoozer

    Gefilte Fish Broth

    My GF bought a jar of gefilte fish in a jelled broth.  She is a very frugal lady and wanted to know what use there might be for the broth.  My response was to shrug my shoulders, and then I thought that the wide and varied number of people here at Chef Talk might have some ideas.  So, any...
  11. schmoozer

    FLAN: How about some techniques or a nice recipe?

    This past weekend a friend showed me how she makes flan.  While her information and technique was useful, her results were pretty bad, which was unusual because her flan is generally pretty durned good. Well, I like flan, and would like to try making some.  Any tips, techniques, or recipes...
  12. schmoozer

    Brining Beans During Initial Soak

    Last night I read an article in Cooks Illustrated that strongly suggested brining dried beans during the initial, long soak.  I seem to recall reading here (and maybe at the Rancho Gordo site) that brining beans can cause the skin to become tough, or in some other ways make the beans less...
  13. schmoozer

    Man vs Food

    Over the past few months I've seen a number of episodes of this show.  What drivel!  What junk! It's nothing more than a paean to gluttony, and appears to be quite contrived as well.  It seems that everything Adam Richman (I think that's his name) eats is "delicious!" However, what he devours...
  14. schmoozer

    Lamb Marinade or Braising Liquid

    This morning I was given a beautiful lamb roast, and I'd like to marinate and grill it or braise it.  I have a wonderfully, fruity red wine, an unlimited supply of fresh rosemary, and plenty of garlic.  What other ingredients might you suggest for the purposes mentioned.  A couple of recipes...
  15. schmoozer

    Meyer Lemon Panna Cotta

    If you're a lemon lover, you might want to try this easy recipe - it's quite good.  I followed the recipe exactly, except for the elimination of the extra 2 tablespoons of sugar.
  16. schmoozer

    Smoked Apple Sauce: Any thoughts on the concept?

    While cruising thru recipes, I saw a recipe that called for smoked apples.  Well, that got me to thinking about smoked apple sauce.  I like to make apple sauce, and have made it a couple of ways, but never with smoked apples.  It seems like a bad idea, but I couldn't help but wonder ... has...
  17. schmoozer

    BBQ & Grilling and Wine

    This past weekend I was invited to a neighbor's house for some BBQ'd chicken and grilled sausages.  Said neighbor asked that I bring some wine.  I didn't because the only wine that's left in my cellar, having cut way back on wine consumption, are 25 to 30yo bottles of rare and expensive reds. ...
  18. schmoozer

    Using a Pressure Cooker: What's the big deal?

    Never having used a pressure cooker, much prefering to cook in more traditional ways, I don't understrand the enthusiasm that some people have for it.  Apart from shortening cooking time, what benefits does a pressure cooker offer?  There must be some down sides as well as benefits.  What are...
  19. schmoozer

    Unflavored Gelatin

    There's a recipe that I'd like to make   that calls for an "envelope of unflavored gelatin."  Does gelatin come in only one size envelope or package?
  20. schmoozer

    Pepper: How long can it be stored

    Yesterday I received a gift sampler pack of whole black pepper corns from  (a highly recommended source for pepper) and that started me wondering about how long black and white pepper will keep before losing potency.  Anyone know?
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