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  1. kalach

    Down to two...

    Ryan, So the markings on the Mac Pro blades are done in different ways on each side? Just wondering because I don't really like the Mac logo but the kanji looks nice. Hmm they both feel like they're painted on or something. Maybe I'll get the kanji side engraved over if I can find someone good...
  2. kalach

    Silliest Things...

    Lol I used to do that DF, but on my teatowel that hangs on my apron. Yeah I stopped doing that after slicing through the towel, apron, and pants and stopping just short of my leg..
  3. kalach

    G'day from Brandon

    Hey G'day Brandon, I'm in a similar situation to you, currently a second year apprentice in Oz, though I've finished most of my modules (a lot overlapped from when I did my bakers apprenticeship) but have only been in the kitchen about ten months. Anyways welcome :)
  4. kalach

    Silliest Things...

    So most of the dishes on our menu we also offer as take-aways. Our 'dessert special' we did tonight was creme brulee, sure enough it wasn't long before one of the waitstaff put thorough an order for one as a take-away... Um ok, are we charging them extra for the ramekin or would they like me to...
  5. kalach

    Looking For New Knife Set / Block

    I'm using the MAC Pro 275mm chefs knife, it works great for almost everything. I keep a heavier knife on hand for tough jobs like breaking down chicken, cracking crabs/lobsters and so on, good news is just about any large-ish heavy knife will do for that, odds are you already have something you...
  6. kalach

    Looking For New Knife Set / Block

    I keep mine in a knife roll. When at work or cooking at home I just lay them on a shelf, then back in the roll when finished cooking. At home I keep some of my (cheap) knives on a magnet rack but a lot of people don't like that idea because of risk of scratching/chiping the blade, knives falling...
  7. kalach

    Looking For New Knife Set / Block

    Yep the general advice is that sets are bad value. The only styles I need for what I do is a chef/cooks knife, and assorted paring knives, though I've got others for occasional use. *"All Purpose" knife, what you can use for the majority of tasks, usually a chefs knife, though some prefer a...
  8. kalach

    Save Me...

    So we have a new chef at our restaurant, I made the mistake of putting something on the specials board as 'veal capaccio', being the apprentice it sounded good and no one else corrected me so I ran with it. Only to have an angry chef tell me I was way off and to learn the proper term before work...
  9. kalach

    Squeezing in movies on the day off

    DC, Wow just gotta mention the irony of it all, the most 'idyllic remote beach' is about 8 meters away from my section in the kitchen... (well each to their own but it's in the top 5 in Oz every year without fail..)
  10. kalach

    Squeezing in movies on the day off

    Ah so that's what these "days off" I've heard of are... Hmm my boss asked me when I want my "holidays", no idea what that could be, doesn't sound good ;) Oops, somewhat OT, sorry.
  11. kalach

    What do you cook when you don't feel like cooking?

    My cheap/fast/easy favourites are; -Premade ravioli with garlic and chilli flavoured olive oil and shaved parmesan -Sushi/sashimi (depending on what I have around) -And those asian two minute noodles ;)
  12. kalach

    What do you wear in the kitchen?

    - I see that as motivation to work neat and tidy. I usually just wear a t-shirt during prep then change into my jacket before service starts and on most days (unless it gets completely hectic) I'm still spotless at the end of the night :)
  13. kalach

    Large Bubbles in my Focaccia

    Hmm I've been away from the bakery for a few years now so I'm getting a bit rusty in the ways of bread but personally I'd try lowering the water and yeast content and mixing a bit longer. My philosophy behind that is that a wet/slack dough is more 'fluid' and can 'jump' in the oven in...
  14. kalach

    Silliest Things...

    Stupidest things heard/said/done in the kitchen.. Where I work I never cease to be amazed by some of the things I see and hear. - *Whilst reducing berry coulis "Why don't you just thicken it with roux instead?", from the owner *"How do I fold the pizza boxes?" -new cook *"Can you get me the...
  15. kalach

    Useless kitchen tools!

    ^ To pass wine glasses across the table? <edit, hmm I think you need the same mental image as me for that to be funny ;) >
  16. kalach

    White Proscuitto

    Has anyone ever heard of it? I was looking through a pizza book (pizza modo mio, john lanzafame, p40), and it calls for "white proscuitto (lardo)". I've asked a lot of people, home cooks, chefs, the italians who own our restaurant and noone has ever heard of it. The two best ideas so far are...
  17. kalach

    Water Stones

    Too true, not as simple as "grind knife on something abrasive until it's sharp" as I originally thought, the devil's in the details as the saying goes. Well I think that covers everything I need to know for now, thanks BDL - and everyone else who's helped me with this lately - much appreciated...
  18. kalach

    need to be quicker

    My philosophy has always been "work smart not work hard". I think most people I've worked with have been faster than me, but not as many have been as efficient or organised so it seems to balance out. If you're allowed to do so maybe reorganise your mise or think of anything else you can do to...
  19. kalach

    Chef Bags

    Pretty much the essentials for me are: *Uniform (plus a spare jacket that lives at work) *Heavy knife for tough jobs (Furi FX 10" chef) *The 'main' knife (MAC Pro 275mm chef) *A Forschner rosewood santoku (unbelievably good for button mushrooms and a few other things) *A half dozen different...
  20. kalach

    Water Stones

    Good to know, thanks. - Where do I get dry wall screen, hardware store? Yeah there's a huge selection of DMT stones available that I can get hold me easily, I could look into that but it sounds like an expensive option if I only use it as a flattener. Oh, the stones are a seperate 800# & 6000#...
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