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  1. nichole

    Home Remedy

    Im a great fan of home remedies, but I dont have one for hyperacidity... Please give me some suggestions.  I usually get acid reflux when I overeat... or if Im stressed... which means I get it a lot!  LOL! Thanks guys!
  2. nichole

    Chopping Board Cleaning Tips

    My chopping board is like 10 years old and I usually just scrub it clean with soap and water.  It doesn't smell or anything but I was just wondering how you guys clean yours?  Thanks!
  3. nichole

    More Zing!

    I love cheese omelette bu my recipe just consists of the basic.  Please post suggestions on how to add zing to my omelette... thanks!
  4. nichole

    Pastry making

    do you think a 6 month course on pastry making is OK for a beginner?  My brother is thinking of taking it up as a hobby.  We are stuck on deciding on taking the 6 month course or the 1 year course complete with certification.  Its more expensive though, and it is just as a hobby.  Any suggestions?
  5. nichole

    In this coming 2010!

    Happy 2010 every one. Few more days to go and its year of the tiger and as we all know there will be another theme for a different year. I was wondering if what was your plan this 2010 to improve or to implement on yourself to become more successful this coming year. I want to buy new gadget in...
  6. nichole

    Hi everyone I'm just new here.

    Hi I'm Nichole from Florida, It's my pleasure to be part of this site. Thank you so much. And for those who welcomes me warmly. :chef:
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