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  1. indianfoodandy

    Mashed Potatoes -- One Very Good Way

    Has anybody else ever mixed a raw egg into mashed potatoes - it's very good Andy
  2. indianfoodandy

    korma sauce

    Depends what you are expecting. Korma is derived from the Hindi word meaning 'braised' so the sauce you use to braise whatever it is you are cooking could be anything. Unfortunately, westernized Indian restaurants have this 'code' whereby korma means mild and creamy with nuts (usually almonds...
  3. indianfoodandy

    I'm looking for authentic curry recipies

    Unfortunately 'authentic' is a fairly broad term. India is a big place and they do things differently from one region to another. Madhur Jaffrey is certainly good - I have read most of her books at one time in the past (I have been cooking Indian food for about 30 years) and there are other...
  4. indianfoodandy

    Vindaloo: browning the garlic/ginger, THEN the chicken?

    Oh yes forgot I have a good description and recipe on my website that I have just started Mod note: Andy, are you here just to drive traffic to your website? Andy
  5. indianfoodandy

    I'm Looking for Healthy Recipes

    A great TV eccentric of a few years past was a nutritionalist during the war. A very competant scientist. His view was 'Eat what you like - just don't eat too much of it' In recent years the hypnotist Paul McKenna has echoed this with his dieting rules - eat when you are hungry; eat slowly so...
  6. indianfoodandy

    Vindaloo: browning the garlic/ginger, THEN the chicken?

    Much misunderstood is Vindaloo. Origianally a Portuguese dish taken to the West coast of india in the late 16th century along with chillis (which were unknown in India at the time) and Christianity. The original dish was pork marinated in wine and garlic (Carne de Vinha d' Alhos) and Vindaloo...
  7. indianfoodandy

    What is curry?

    Agree with this. Curry is just an English word for 'Asian spicy food' and it really has lost all other meaning. The etymological kari (Tamil) is probably correct but it doesn't mean much in real life. Andy
  8. indianfoodandy

    Making curry healthier

    I cook a lot of curries with yoghurt - you have to be a bit careful, especially if there are acidic ingredients as well (lime tamarind etc) but it can all be done without curdling if you are careful. Curries, properly prepared are naturally very healthy; the spices, mustard oil, onions and...
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    Drinks with curries

    Absolutely. Don't drink water - alcoholic drinks aren't much good either - save that till afterwards. With the meal drink tea (flavoured with cardamom is good) or lassi Andy
  10. indianfoodandy

    Can anyone reccomend a good curry recipe book?

    I agree - a good place to start is almost any Madhur Jaffrey book
  11. indianfoodandy

    What is curry?

    That's about right. It's an English word to describe spicy Eastern (and particularly Indian) dishes. You can start looking at the etymology (and indeed it probably does stem from the Tamil kari) but this doesn't mean much Andy
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