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  1. cabosailor

    Can I freeze gruyere cheese?

    A friend just gave me a humongous chunk of gruyere.  Roughly 8 in square.  Now gruyere happens to be one of my favorite cooking cheeses but there is no way I can use it all before going bad and its dang expensive cheese.  My plan is to cut it into smaller chunks and vacuum package using a food...
  2. cabosailor

    Alternatives to AllClad?

    I will slowly be upgrading my kitchen.  First I plan to replace an old oven/microwave combo with a double oven.  Convection on top, conventional on bottom.  After that I would like to replace my old electric range top.  Gas would be difficult since it is not available in my neighborhood.  I...
  3. cabosailor

    Sagging artisan breads

    While my wife does most of the baking, she resists doing the artisan breads or even a good crusty french bread.  I've tried and although the flavor is good, the loaves seem like they are way too wet, but what do I know?  I've followed the recipes slavishly, measuring temps, weighing ingredients...
  4. cabosailor

    Slow cooker - temp or time?

    I am just about to put a very nice chuck roast into the slow cooker.  The reviews of the recipe I'm basing mine on range from "great" to "way too tough".  I'm presuming the way too tough crowd undercooked the meat even though they left in the slow cooker for the prescribed period of time.  This...
  5. cabosailor

    How much heat can I use to sear in enameled cast iron?

    OK, I lucked out.  My enameled iron dutch oven popped a part of the enamel but the store just exchanged it for a new one.  I had blamed poor QA/QC on the old one but now I'm not too sure.  As a preliminary to braising I usually sear the meat in a touch of oil in the dutch oven.  I tend to use...
  6. cabosailor

    Warranty on Martha Stewart ironware??

    Last night I braised a chuck steak in a Martha Stewart enameled castiron dutch oven (7qt).  When I went to wash it I noticed an area about the size of a quarter where the enamel is separating from the iron on the bottom.  I suspect a factory defect inasmuch as the pot has only been used less...
  7. cabosailor

    Looking for a 10 in omlette pan

    Much to my embarrassment I was preparing an omelet for a house guest and it insisted on sticking, and I mean sticking in the pan.  No excuse, I knew the pan was shot.  Time for a new one.    Non-stick teflon doesn't seem to last very long and invariably it will take some abuse around this house...
  8. cabosailor

    Question: Can one freeze corn in the husk?

    I like to grill my corn in the husk but naturally it is only available in that form at certain times of the year.  What I would like to do is take advantage of when it is available and freeze it for later use. A web search gives conflicting answers.  Has anyone here some insight? Thanks, Rich
  9. cabosailor

    Question on smoking cooking time

    I have an 8 lb beef brisket that I plan to BBQ.  Using the rule of thumb of 1.5 hrs per lb of meat, that would be around 12 hours at about 230 degrees.  My question is, if I cut the brisket into two 4 lb pieces and then smoke, would the smoking time be reduced to about 6 hrs?  Somehow this seems...
  10. cabosailor

    Using a Weber grill as a smoker

    Having the wife's relatives over for dinner today. Since it is nice and sunny in Fl, I'm using my grills. (Eat your heart out Yanks! :D) I'm marinating a flank steak in a bottle of Tecate, with brown sugar, teriyaki sauce and bit of grated ginger. They will go on the gas grill later. On...
  11. cabosailor

    What is Sabbath mode in an oven?

    I've got a 1992 model oven/microwave that I want to replace with a double oven. I'm seriously looking at a Frigodaire Model FGET3045KF. It seems to have the features I want such as convection cooking, keep warm setting, and variable broiling without a lot of frills such as pizza buttons...
  12. cabosailor

    Simple syrup from Splenda?

    My wife is on a diet (again) and I know she loves sweetened iced tea. As we know, sugar or splenda does not dissolve as well in cold tea as a simple syrup. Soooo.... since Splenda is real sugar that's molecularly inverted I figure I can make a simple syrup the same way I would for regular...
  13. cabosailor

    Reusing shortening

    Hello all, new to this forum but it looks like fun. I don't eat and/or cook much in the way of fried foods but some of my wife's relatives are from Kentucky and will be expecting a good'ol fried chicken dinner. Normally I would do this in canola oil in my cast iron skillet. However, I seem to...
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