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  1. ShelteredBugg1

    What is the best and most efficent way to cook an 8oz portion of skinless salmon fillet on a propane grill ?!

    I am working a hot station at a spring training facility cooking for the major league players covering 50 portions an hr for 2 hrs i am curious to as how i can appropriately fully cook salmon, they are an inch to an inch and a half thick, i am not trying to burn them nor do i want to poison...
  2. ShelteredBugg1

    Hydro dipping kitchen equipment!

    Would you guys think it would be safe to hydro dip equipment to change the design ?? Ex. Mandoline, peeker things like that
  3. ShelteredBugg1

    Does Mangu hold overnight?

    So i been doing a breakfast every morning for 200 ppl the LKB is 5:00 am, would i be able to fully prep mangu the night before so it is ready to fire in the morning ? Just wondering so i did not have to do it first thing at 2 am so i could focus on the rest of the breakfast?
  4. ShelteredBugg1

    Going to the desired culinary school when you have a family

    I want to go to culinary school in California but i have a family and cannot afford getting a house or apartment since the cost of living is expensive.. what can i do ?
  5. ShelteredBugg1

    Best way to fry sweet potato chips!

    Everyone at my place of work have been struggling on frying the sweet potato chips correctly they fry them at 300 for 8 mins after that they are soggy but formed then they throw them in the oven at 250 for 5 mins then finish them off in the walk in to cool off ?? I personally do not think that...
  6. ShelteredBugg1

    Is their a process to make parsnips into glass?

    I'm looking for feed back on this thread if anyone can help thank you ! Love life.
  7. ShelteredBugg1

    What is the best way to inherit knowledge from a more experienced chef?

    How do i get someone who is a man of few words to allow me to learn from his extensive background?
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