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  1. dsplayname

    Tojiro Origami

    Anyone have a review/experience on these?  I am considering getting myself a new chef knife, and like the look of these.  I don't do a lot of heavy knife-work, and have no problems with only being offered in 180mm.    I like the black look, but can't find them for sale anywhere, so might be...
  2. dsplayname

    MAC Pro MBK-85 8.5" versus MTH-80 8"

    If I were looking for something in that price range, that will be beginner-friendly, I'd buy a Tojiro DP or two.    They are cheap, effective, and cool enough to not be an embarrassment at work.   That being said, I'll get back to the question asked.   Grantons are, in my experience, about 95%...
  3. dsplayname

    Giada Knife Set Good Or Bad??

    I have the Mezz, which seems to be hard to find nowadays, and I like it.  It was fairly sharp out of the package, but once I took a whetstone to it, it became scary sharp. It holds an edge for a long time if you treat it right.   It's pretty well balanced, and performs nicely for a $20 knife...
  4. dsplayname

    stained up chef coats

    I find that black fabric dye works best.  Sometimes, it takes 2 runs of dyeing, but your coat will be one color again.
  5. dsplayname

    Wasabi Knives

    I have a Wasabi Santoku, and it's alright.  I got mine for $25 on eBay, so I wasn't really expecting that much from it.   I took the original edge off it, then put a single-sided edge on it at about 15 degrees. It holds up reasonably well, as I only have to put the stone to it about every couple...
  6. dsplayname

    What device to hold chicken salad?

    Roll it up in cucumber, then bread with panko. Serve like sushi
  7. dsplayname

    Flavoring coffee

    Many variables here.  First, how are you brewing the coffee?  Next, what coffee are you using? Do you grind it fresh, store it, or buy it pre-ground?  Without any of that info,   I recently purchased some pre-ground espresso from the Grocery store, called Pilon. It has a pretty decent flavor of...
  8. dsplayname

    28 yrs old, want to be a chef

    It is all what you make of it.   I'm 28 and a chef.  I didn't go to culinary school, but I have loved cooking ever since I could see over the stove.    I had worked FOH a little at a few places in the past, but never thought about cooking professionally, even though many people said I should...
  9. dsplayname

    Calphalon Katana

    I have a Katana Nakiri that I bought a few months ago. It's one of my favorite knives, and I love it.   It is a hefty knife, but is well balanced. I don't even notice the weight unless I have been playing with a ceramic knife recently.  The handle is comfortable for me, but I don't use much...
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