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  1. temeculachef

    how to price a catering job ?

    Actually my food cost normally stays in the 20's% range.  If you know where to buy food locally you can normally get it cheaper, especially if you keep returning to them and they get to like you.   Like he said though, you have to calculate out what you are making.  My multiplying the food cost...
  2. temeculachef

    how to price a catering job ?

    What I do is take my food cost and times it by 3.33%.  Its a good way to include your food cost and service and then you get your profit.  It is a way that you will always have a great price for people and you will still make a profit.  
  3. temeculachef

    Your Favorite Cookbook

    The New Food Lover's Companion by Sharon Tyler Herbst  (Author), Ron Herbst  (Author) Also  The Flavor Bible by Karen Page  (Author), Andrew Dornenburg  (Author) If you have not had a chance to look at the Flavor Bible you need to check it out.  It is not so much of a cookbook as it is a book of...
  4. temeculachef

    anyone use a Anti Griddle? is it worth the money?

    I agree with your post to a extent.  Yes it is about making good food and making people happy to eat your food. I would never say that i know everything about cooking, but I do make good food and in the past five months my sales have gone up by 300%. This is because I can cook better than other...
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    anyone use a Anti Griddle? is it worth the money?

    Title says it all. Looking to know if anyone out there has used the poly science anti griddle and if it is worth the $1200 you pay for it. Thanks!
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    Where to buy Anti Griddle

    Thanks for the site, prices arent much better but some cool other things like the pattern sheets.
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    Most Expensive Meal

    Me and my wife (gf at the time) had our 5 years together at the Ritz Carlton and we got a 7 course meal from the chef.  Everything from filet, kobe beef, abalone, cheeses and more with around 4 bottles of wine.  It was a bill around $700 but luckily I worked there at the time and got it all for...
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    Waring Convection Oven

    I have one of these that I use for my catering company.  It heats things up really well and I have also cooked creme brulee and it cooked it very even.  So pretty much I would say that they are great little ovens used for kitchens that need a small oven.  One warning is that the outside does...
  10. temeculachef

    Where to buy Anti Griddle

    Hello everyone I wanted to know if anyone knows of a place to buy the Anti Griddle besides from Poly Science.  I know that is the best place and you can get it straight from the source but I wanted to know if anyone knew of any sites that offered it at a discount price.  I appreciate any help.  ...
  11. temeculachef

    Where to rent high end plates

    Sorry if it looked like an add I didn't mean for it to.  I just wanted to show what kind of plates I am looking for.  I live in Temecula California and as you can see on that website the plates are pretty expensive, thus why I wanted to rent them instead of buying.  
  12. temeculachef

    Where to rent high end plates

    Hi everyone I was wondering if anyone would have a good suggestion of where I would be able to rent some really high end plates.  I don't want to go out and buy them as I am a caterer and this way I can just tack it onto the bill of whoever is paying me.   Here is a a website so that you can...
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