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  1. temeculachef

    anyone use a Anti Griddle? is it worth the money?

    Title says it all. Looking to know if anyone out there has used the poly science anti griddle and if it is worth the $1200 you pay for it. Thanks!
  2. temeculachef

    Where to buy Anti Griddle

    Hello everyone I wanted to know if anyone knows of a place to buy the Anti Griddle besides from Poly Science.  I know that is the best place and you can get it straight from the source but I wanted to know if anyone knew of any sites that offered it at a discount price.  I appreciate any help.  ...
  3. temeculachef

    Where to rent high end plates

    Hi everyone I was wondering if anyone would have a good suggestion of where I would be able to rent some really high end plates.  I don't want to go out and buy them as I am a caterer and this way I can just tack it onto the bill of whoever is paying me.   Here is a a website so that you can...
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