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    Head Chef Needed: June - August 2018

    The pay seems a little low for what you're asking.
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    Cooking turkey ahead of time for 500 ppl

    I used to reheat turkey in the steamer. Sliced turkey in two inch pans, turkey stock, plastic wrap, steam 30 mins.
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    Comment by 'RemoteFun' in media 'Salmon'

    Very nice! Can you tell me how you pickled with alcohol?
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    First time working in a breakfast café—any tips?

    I agree with the chef above, every person in their culinary journey should at least work on the breakfast line for a year. When I actually started getting serious about becoming a chef, I worked the breakfast/brunch line at Heron in the Umstead Hotel and Spa. You will definitely learn speed...
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    Sous vide Chuck Roast?

    I was doing sous vide chuck roast with herbs at 130F for 24hrs. I also tried 72hr, this lost a lot of moisture due to the long cook time. I also tried 48hr, it wasn't as dry, but still lost a good amount of moisture due to long cooking process. 24hrs was my go to when I was serving to guest...
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    Simple chef specials, ideas, and recipes

    Hello. Grab yourself the book "The Flavor Bible", figure out what's in season right now where your at. Pick a few ingredients a week, use that book and let your creativity run wild. Just my two cents.
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    Catering Appetizers with BBQ Theme

    Hello. I do a smoked deviled egg appetizer for my BBQ night at the fishing lodge I work for in the summer season. It is one the lodge favorites. Its super simple of course and very tasty. Plus you can put all types of toppings as garnishes on this one. That is at least one idea for you.
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    Can't believe I've never found this place before!

    Hello to all, New guy here of course and I am glad I found a forum like this. Been cooking forever and just looking for some good insight on the personal chef game. Good day to all, RemoteFun
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