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    I favor the gold but each one has a specific use. Plus its what you favor. As long as the finished product is good, that's all that really  matters
  2. ed buchanan

    Need half sheet pan baking ideas

    Take any formula you have for a full pan and jst divide it into 2 pans????
  3. ed buchanan

    Preventing burns in kitchen

    Most burns are caused by carelessness on someones part.
  4. ed buchanan

    grocery prices

    I shop in  many stores in  the South . I have found Aldee  to be the least expensive but like Costco they do not have the product all the time. Costco is by far the cheapest on pharmacy . Walmart is # 2 for price I have found them 20 to 25% across the board cheaper then Publix or Kroeger.But...
  5. ed buchanan

    Scientists say bacon cause cancer. What are you going to do?

    30 years ago it was determined that meats cured or processed with nitrates or nitrites caused cancer when cooked over open flame..  It has also been determined that having  sex causes cancer . Maybe this is why we all die eventually..
  6. ed buchanan

    How to defrost 2.62lbs Corned Beef with juices flat cut Brisket

    Never thaw out at room temp its dangerous. Plan ahead. Do not cook in oven unless you want shoeleather . Follow what Chef Bubba says.
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    Calling all culinary school students and chefs! Biggest complaint?

    Panini  You are so right. When I taught in the Private school sector all they were worried about is food cost and labor cost and most of all PROFIT. They could not care about anything else.  Public school was different  as they did not care about cost, because the taxpayer footed  the bill. But...
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    What watch do you wear in the kitchen

    My   trusty Citizen Echo
  9. ed buchanan

    Please help identify this vintage kitchen tool

    In fact it  is a heat sink
  10. ed buchanan

    Cream sauce without dairy

    I have used coffee mate non dairy creamer many times it works great and imparts very  little taste. Plus it does not go bad and does not break
  11. ed buchanan

    Cooking for 400 hungry homeless people - Need help on portions

    With 12 cooks I could feed 1000  people  anyway here is my figures,( to many cooks spoil the broth) That's 33 people per cook Pasta  5 ounces pp//     meat  5ounces per person//  , vege  2 1/2 ounces pp,//   starch 3 ounces pp./   / desert  3 1/2 ounces pp.// beverage  8 ounces pp// .  roll...
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    Look up an old classic recipe called Crabmeat Dewey. It is made like chicken  A La King only crab instead of chicken it is served in a Vol a Vent Pastry shell.  I have not seen it on a men for over 10 years
  13. ed buchanan

    Comment by 'ed buchanan' in article 'Top Ten Cooking Myths'

    In regard to adding oil to pasta water it helps to retard foaming of the water.
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    Lump crab is usually solid pieces and priced at a premium. Meat from the legs is stringy and cheaper.  Soft shell crabs are seasonal and are almost all edible .except eyes and tails and 2 pieces  cartillage  one on each side. Make  sure they are alive when you get them
  15. ed buchanan

    Moldy Feat

    Keep your feet clean. Wash them daily . Use an anti fungal powder or athletes foot medicine. See a Podiatrist before you develop Cellulitis, which really hurts Calluses develop where skin is rubbing against something, which indicates to me shoes are not fitted correctly.
  16. ed buchanan

    Dining in Las Vegas

    For Steak try THE PALM or Smith-Wollensky
  17. ed buchanan

    how can you tell if salmon went bad

    When  it gets you sick
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    Comment by 'ed buchanan' in item 'The Art Institute of California - San Francisco'

  19. ed buchanan

    I would liketo open my business

    Check, state, county, and city as well as village laws before you do anything. Each state varies
  20. ed buchanan

    Please help identify this vintage kitchen tool

    Dip it into a sweet batter then put in deep fryer for a Dutch type pastry.
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