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  1. butzy

    Salvaging a not so good product and turning it into a great dish.

    Yep, First one to come to mind were tough rump steaks. Obviously they easily got turned into a curry or a stew. I'm sure there are plenty others, just can't think of them straight away
  2. butzy

    February 2020 Cooking Challenge - Ramen!

    Would really like to put in another dish, but very busy at the mo, breaking a lodge down, storing and transporting. Maybe I should join the current trend of posting something like "Butzy's current adventures in Africa - starting all over again "
  3. butzy

    February 2020 Cooking Challenge - Ramen!

    I made this early this month but am only just now coming around to posting. I'll call it Tai Ramen, or maybe Gaijin Ramen (or just plain old Thai noodle soup ;)) The ingredients: dried mushrooms (taken with me from Thailand), onion, tomato, garlic, ginger, galangal (grown here from a piece...
  4. butzy

    February 2020 Cooking Challenge - Ramen!

    eish, that's going to be a difficult one ingredient wise. I'll have to do some googling...... and put on my thinking cap. Is is strictly ramen or are things like Thai noodle soups etc allowed as well?
  5. butzy

    January 2020 Cooking Challenge - cheese and veggies

    Congrats! I see the next challenge is posted, so I'm going to have a look see what I am eating this month ;)
  6. butzy

    Broad use vegetable ideas

    A place to look for some ideas are the monthly challenges. There has been a vegan one and a vegetarian one, if I remember correct. The vegetarian one is here: The vegan one is here...
  7. butzy

    January 2020 Cooking Challenge - cheese and veggies

    I had a veg lasagna yesterday, but because that was made a while ago (and frozen) it doesn't count. And, anyway, I forgot to take pictures. So just a very simple one: Toasted cheese tomato sandwich with capers Before: And after And my attempt at a Morning Glory image :)
  8. butzy

    Indian cooking challenging for classically trained chef

    I would do that for a chicken tikka masala as well. I actually throw them on the barbecue to brown and finish in the sauce. But then, chicken tikka is originally a tandoor dish....
  9. butzy

    Reading recipes.

    No worries. That will work just fine. But weigh, don't use volume. And if you get recipes in volumes, check carefully if they are using the American or British imperial system ;)
  10. butzy

    Reading recipes.

    I would. Just put a vessel/cup/container on the scale. Zero the scale and of you go. Weighing is very accurate. You could go by volume as well. Easy for water In the metric system. 1 litre water equals 1 kg. This does not apply to other liquids like oil though. But why would you want to? I...
  11. butzy

    Reading recipes.

    Not sure at all but I will give it a bit of a try: If they are weight, it could be proportions. A fairly standard recipe would have 60-65% water as compared to flour, about 1.5-2% salt Maybe first figure pounds, second ounces? Haven't worked it out as I am imperially challenged....
  12. butzy

    Best way to move out older table sitters?

    I think French Fries already mentioned it, it is very much depending on the country your are in and differs per restaurant. In the Netherlands, either you got the table for the evening, or there are 2 shifts and you get told when booking. Here in Zambia, it is 1 seating per table per evening...
  13. butzy

    Toaster Ovens 2020

    I use a mini oven. I think it is just a bit bigger than a toaster oven. It heats up fairly quickly and it's just big enough for making 1 loaf of bread in a cast iron pot, or a casserole.
  14. butzy

    January 2020 Cooking Challenge - cheese and veggies

    (almost) vegetarian nachos. I roasted some tomatoes in balsamic vinegar Other ingredients: sweetcorn, onion, garlic, doritos (nachos), and a little dash of fish sauce I roasted the onion and garlic mixture with the tomatoes till the onions were soft and browned. And while that was taking...
  15. butzy

    A can of tuna

    Mix with cream cheese and herbs and spices and you got a nice spread. Straight on bread With tomatoes and pasta I'm sure you can make a decent fish curry out of it as well. There should be many more options
  16. butzy

    January 2020 Cooking Challenge - cheese and veggies

    Pizza, or torte flambe. Actually somewhere in between... The cheeses: cream cheese, cheddar and very mature maaslander Leek and mixed into the cream cheese Added some olive pesto and a bit of sambal for heat and just a drop of fish sauce And then forgot to take any other pictures. But...
  17. butzy

    Carbon steel vs cast iron?

    For sure, but the advantage of the cast iron handles is that you can use it in the oven or on the (open) fire . Or, every disadvantage has it advantage (free translation of the famous Dutch football player Johan Cruijff)
  18. butzy

    What are the best herbs for a French Omelet?

    I had to google "merken" Learned something new ;)
  19. butzy

    Brown Garlic?

    As far as I know, you need anaerobic conditions for botulism to become a problem. Hence, there may be a problem with garlic in oil, but I don't think there would be a risk in this case.
  20. butzy

    Fall off on number of posts

    Don't go.... Please stay and participate. I do enjoy your posts, esp on the grilling, bbq-ing and outdoor cooking parts
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