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  1. someday

    Phone rights...

    I have a pretty liberal cell phone policy. Cell phones are ubiquitous, literally almost everyone in developed and developing world has one. My opinion is that they are nearly impossible to police, if you "ban" cell phones, then people are just going to get sneaky and try and hide it...take 20...
  2. someday


    I'm confused, don't you want a granita to freeze hard so it can be scraped into ice? More sugar will make a "softer" base. Think like a sorbet you can easily scoop. Alcohol also has a lower freezing temp than water, so a touch of alcohol can help "soften" the base as well. if you are...
  3. someday

    Foaming honey

    What are you currently doing?
  4. someday

    How do I go about my party plan and menu tricks? PRO ADVICE needed

    Thanks for following up with how everything went, not enough people do things like that. Glad it went well!
  5. someday

    Chicken quarters for service

    You might try confiting the leg quarters and then roasting skin side down in a pan on the pickup. The confiting will give it a good shelf life, especially for the ones kept submerged in fat, and cook it thoroughly for service, and help it stay moist (if done correctly) It's also delicious...I...
  6. someday

    hyper-concentrating brine to shorten length of time

    You’ll just end up curing it, it’ll taste really “hammy”
  7. someday

    Thickening sauce with gelatin

    Enough gelatin, dissolved in liquid and sufficiently reduced, will thicken to a sauce consistency. This is how we get things like demi glace (modern), jus, etc. Thickening through reduction rather than using a starch. Now, I'm not suggesting that dissolving leaf or powdered gelatin into a...
  8. someday

    Thickening sauce with gelatin

    How do you think a stock based sauce gets thickened? Reduction=concentration of gelatin=thicker. If you have a properly made stock (I.e. one with a goodly amount of gelatin) then you don’t need agar to clarify. You can simply freeze and thaw and let the natural gelatin do the clarification for...
  9. someday

    New site looks great!

    Glad you all finally updated the site. Looks a lot better...cleaner, more modern. Well done, I’ve been hoping for it for years.
  10. someday

    What to do with Halibut pieces?

    Nice, lol. Collar is the best part of the fish, IMO.
  11. someday

    How do I go about my party plan and menu tricks? PRO ADVICE needed

    I'm still baffled. What is going on. Why cake 3 separate times throughout the day? You are serving 3 meals in a 2 meal time frame. Why serve beef ribs and mashed potatoes (and skewers??) as an afternoon SNACK? Lunch looks fine...salmon and a nice salad is a good light lunch. Your mid...
  12. someday

    Books for chefs.

    The Food Bible by Dornenberg and Page The Flavor Matrix by Briscione Letters to a Young Chef by Daniel Bolud On Food and Cooking by Harold McGee Setting the Table by Danny Meyer Heat by Bill Bruford Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh Cod by Kurlansky Salt by Kurlansky The Making of a Chef The...
  13. someday

    Sauce Help

    Vin Blanc?
  14. someday

    How do I go about my party plan and menu tricks? PRO ADVICE needed

    You should hire a professional caterer. This is a ridiculous event to try and do by yourself with no experience, time, or knowledge about how to organize and plan an all day cooking event for 15 people. You will end up stuck in the kitchen all day, sweating and prepping while your guests stroll...
  15. someday

    Tricks to poaching eggs

    Ya don't say. I've never heard that "golden rule" before...I think you're just making that up. Point me to a source of your golden rule if you would. SV CAN BE dangerous, if one doesn't properly understand what they are doing. You can use SV to pasteurize batches of eggs to make them safe...
  16. someday

    Dry pork belly

    My first guess is you are overcooking it. I assume you are wrapping the pan with foil?
  17. someday

    Tricks to poaching eggs

    If you're trying to imply that I somehow don't know how to poach an egg in a pot, how silly. Sous vide eggs are, no question, the best solution for the issue the OP is having. You wrote an absurd description of sous vide eggs that shows a clear lack of understanding about the technique. I'm...
  18. someday

    Tricks to poaching eggs

    You shouldn’t talk about things you clearly don’t understand.
  19. someday

    Tricks to poaching eggs

    My understanding with most HD is they have more problems with the vacuum sealing and extended cooking times than the actual sous vide itself. If you are cooking eggs in their shell for less than an hour, storing them properly and using them in a proper timely fashion, the SV method for eggs...
  20. someday

    Tricks to poaching eggs

    Sous vide would be your best friend for something like that.
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