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  1. kombucha

    Job Interviews

    A friend of mine is going for his third interview at Whole Foods for Demo Chef Specialist. (lasered down to 4 out of 89) He was formally invited to meet with the panel on Tuesday Night at 8:15. The Team Leader that called told him he would send him an email at the addy on his resume to confirm...
  2. kombucha

    Rice Bran Oil?

    Chef uses it almost exclusively for saute. We also sell it in our store. Love it! We purchase from Most of their sales are in the large bulk commercial containers and used in fryers. While we don't have a fryer ourselves, it is our understanding that because of the high...
  3. kombucha

    Thanks for the best time NC & SC

    Welcome from South Carolina. I don't know where you went exactly, but yes, the bugs are pretty horrible during the summer here in SC and the coastland area of NC. What you might try next trip is to start taking Neem capsules 2 weeks before you leave and then continue taking them on your trip. I...
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