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  1. lisbet

    Frozen Italian Dessert

    Can someone tell me, what are the differences in ingredients for just plain icecream, gelato, and spumoni (I know spumoni is made up of 3 flavors - chocolate, cherry & pistachio)? As a teenager I had spumoni in an Italian restaurant and fell in love with it instantly. Have been yearning for it...
  2. lisbet

    Those Throw-Away Aluminum Pie Pans

    I would like to make gift pies, but want to make them in throw-away, no return, aluminum foil pie pans. Is there any special adjustment or precaution that needs to be opposition to baking in a regular metal, glass or ceramic pie plate? Where can such information be found?
  3. lisbet

    Drying Homemade Pasta

    I just viewed Jim Berman on making fresh pasta. Is it possible to dry homemade pasta for storage and later use? (Something like the packaged pasta available on the grocery shelves?) I have been freezing, since when I try to dry my pasta it becomes very fragile and breaks into small pieces or...
  4. lisbet

    Freezing raw ground beef for hamburgers!

    I buy raw ground beef, usually chuck, for making plain hamburgers and cheeseburgers. Usually buy a goodly amount, thinking that I will make patties to put into the freezer. I don't add anything to the raw beef....just plain, unadorned beef patties. Some of the newly purchased ground beef is...
  5. lisbet

    Sourdough Starter Hooch

    I am wondering if the Hooch is something to be poured off, and gotten rid of, or is it to be stirred in with the subsequent feedings ??
  6. lisbet

    Tranche Board

    I know that Tranche is a French term, but what, exactly, is a Tranche Board when it comes to making pastries. In a Napoleon recipe there was the following in the instructions...."Using a Tranche Board as a guide, trim very little off the edges". I think that "tranche" means to portion or segment...
  7. lisbet

    Aspic - Terrine

    Can an experienced individual, in the trade, give me a good working definition of Aspic and Terrine? How are they different from one another? Have been trying to look it up, but cannot find a satisfactory explanation. Have been told that they are just about alike, but I believe that there is no...
  8. lisbet

    Homemade Pretzels

    Does anyone have a recipe for really good homemade pretzels, somewhat on the order of the Philadelphia Soft Pretzel? Have had some commercially made Phila. Soft Pretzels that were on the "gummy" side, and not at all good, so thought that perhaps there would be a way to make them at home with an...
  9. lisbet

    Chocolate Rum Cake

    Is there a way of making a chocolate-rum cake from "scratch"...without using the already packaged and boxed mixes? Have looked all over and all I can find are recipes that start with a box of cake mix and a box of pudding mix.
  10. lisbet

    Schmierkese and Kochkese

    Does anyone know how to go about making the Penna. Dutch or Menonite "schmierkese" (spreading cheese)? Think that making recipes such as this is just about obsolete in this modern day and age, but would still like to know how to go about making it. Also the German "kochkase". :)
  11. lisbet

    Brown Vinegar

    Am trying to find out, "exactly what is Brown Vinegar?" This is a mystery to me! :confused: Every once in a while I run across a recipe that calls for Brown Vinegar. I have one recipe for pickled Italian egg plant and another for a pot roast that specifies it in the ingredient list. Is it...
  12. lisbet

    Springerle Cookies

    Does anyone have a truly authentic German or Swiss recipe for Springerle Cookies? Would be much obliged to anyone who is willing to share! :)
  13. lisbet

    Demi Glace

    Is it possible to make your own Demi Glace in a home kitchen. How practical would that be....or is it better to buy? If I decide to buy, which brand is best. Seems like most are too salty (like bouilion cubes), but I guess the salt is a preservative to extend life of the product. Thought I...
  14. lisbet

    Turkey Stuffing / Turkey Dressing ??

    Another Food Forum that I frequently check has a controversy going about Turkey Dressing - Turkey Stuffing. Is there a technical difference? I have always been under the impression that the terms are for the same things, and interchangeable. Am I wrong?
  15. lisbet

    Preventing Soggy Pie Crusts ?

    Is there a trick to preventing a soggy bottom crust on fruit pies, such as apple, peach, or plum? I know thickners go into the fillings, and also precooking the juices. But when putting the pie together, is the bottom crust first brushed with an egg wash and allowed to dry a bit before adding...
  16. lisbet

    Really Good Bread

    I am interested in making homemade, authentic, really good bread! I know that with Italian bread you start with a "biga". I have made good Italian bread by using potato water (whenever I boil potatoes for dinner I save the water for bread making), instead of plain water from the tap (we have our...
  17. lisbet

    Bakers' Percentages

    Hi.....Hope that everyone out there that is smarter than I am!! I am realy interested in Bakers' Math. I believe I understand how it works, but am wondering if it works both ways.....for increasing and also for decreasing the same recipe. I have a couple of professional cookbooks on Bread...
  18. lisbet

    Home Maker

    Hello to All You Nice People........ I'm a Gran'ma, well up in years, but love to cook and love to collect recipes and sundry information on the subject. Am also the daughter of a professional chef.....both sides of my family have always been in the Hospitality Trade. So think my interest is...
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