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  1. saucey

    Culinary Artistry

    our regional chef belives in this book so much so that he bought a copy for each chef that attended the chef xchange for our region...great book
  2. saucey

    Kitchen rental AZ

    im in AZ as well and i hate to say this word "craigslist" in the past has posted kitchen rentals
  3. saucey

    Young chef looking for advice

    I hundred percent agree with nordic, I am only 24 and am currently the production chef overseeing a lot of responsiblity ...with worknig my way up under some great chefs and no culinary schooling under my belt i should not of taken this job. I am no longer learning anything culinary that is...
  4. saucey

    Costing Fryer Oil?

    you need to configure your AWC which is basically all items that you offer to guests that you do not charge such as sugar, cream, ketchup, a1 ...whatever so you can include them in your cost
  5. saucey

    Going Green?

    I work at a university with a huge catering department / residential / retail etc and they have been making strides in reducing there carbon footprint inlcuding rolling out a completely sustainable catering menu 2 new catering restuarants on campus. we have reuseable boxed lunches obivously...
  6. saucey

    Opening a food truck business

    street food/ food trucks are blowing up in the downtwon district in phoenix they just opened a concept retuarant catered to the younger genration called cycle its at a swank hotel here and the word cycle has multiple meanings cause it cycles resturants by having food trucks cater upscale street...
  7. saucey

    What makes a good chef a 'good chef'?

    i think a good chef is one who like others have said, shares there knowledge aka pays it forward and/or never feels as they learned all that they can, if so please leave the kitchen and/or and as one of the chefs I did a apprenticeship under has said if you cant let go and trust your crew...
  8. saucey

    Farm-to-Table Programs

    hey, they start a sustainable food systems degree option at one of the community colleges out here in AZ. I actually used to work for the main chef in charge of the program. It seems very interesting they offer it as a certificate or associates degree...
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