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  1. sgt. pepper

    Catering Portion (and other) Questions.

    I do some small party catering specializing in Cajun and BBQ.  I had a request to price a job for "75-80 people, but have no idea how many would really come."  She said they would like the choice of two entrees (jambalaya and etouffee for example).  She said the party would be form 6-9:30 and...
  2. sgt. pepper

    Chefs, please weigh in...

    I will qualify this by saying Im not a professional chef. I just love to cook, read about food/cooking, and watch shows about food/cooking. I have a friend who went to culinary school in Scottsdale, AZ. He turned me on to "The Making of a Chef: Mastering Heat at the Culinary Institute of...
  3. sgt. pepper

    Japanese Knife help.

    Im looking to experiment with some different Japanese knives and was wondering what are some popular/reliable/razor sharp choices? Ive owned a Global, and wasnt impressed (I sold it on ebay). I kinda like what I see and feel just holding a Shun, but have never used one. I know all about the...
  4. sgt. pepper

    Kershaw Wasabi Series

    Has anyone tried these yet? I bought the Kershaw Wasabi Series 8.25-Inch Deba Knife and the Kershaw Wasabi Series 6.5-Inch Santoku Knife, because I wanted to try Kershaws Japanese knives, and because they were only $25 each. They both are very sharp and feel good except for the blade, which...
  5. sgt. pepper

    Vinegar Mother

    A friend brought me a vinegar mother back from France. Its in a glass jug, and she said occasionally to add more wine to it, then let it set for a few weeks until it turns to vinegar. She said leave the cap open on the jug and keep it in a cool dark place. PROBLEM...the vinegar/wine has...
  6. sgt. pepper

    Catering pricing

    New to this forum. Im starting to dabble in small party catering and was wondering if there is a formula for figuring out how to price a particular catering job? Thanks for any help anyone could give.
  7. sgt. pepper

    Shun knives

    I was thinking about buying a Shun knife and was wondering how they rank vs. Global, Wusthoff, and Henckels (all of which I already have). Thanks
  8. sgt. pepper

    Give me the skinny on Shun knives.

    Looking for some testimonials from people who have Shun knives and how they rate next to some of the other popular brands. I own Wusthof, Henckels, and Global knives and was thinking about buying a Shun. How do they Compare? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks
  9. sgt. pepper

    Freezing Stock?

    Its freshwater prawn harvesting season here in Kentucky. Although they are kinda expensive, they are great. After separating the heads from the tail meat, I made a big pot of rich shrimp stock. I plan on freezing it for future use. All the recipes Ive ever read say freeze for up to 3 months...
  10. sgt. pepper

    A Knife Question

    I was just watching Alton Brown (who I find particularly overbearing and somewhat annoying) doing a special on sushi. The show said in Japan its not uncommon for a sushi knife to cost $5,000. Whats the difference in a $100 knife and a $5,000 knife?
  11. sgt. pepper

    Shrimp Stock Question

    Does the fat in the shrimp's head become rancid after say four months in the freezer? A friend said he had leftover heads from shrimp he had in September, in the freezer. He wondered if he could still make stock with them? I told him I thought it wouldn't be a good idea. Can someone confirm...
  12. sgt. pepper

    Microwave Roux?

    As a Kentucky born-and-bred "Cajun wannabe", I've been cooking Cajun food for 10 years or longer now. I've read many books about Cajun cooking, studied it in somewhat great detail, and have become quite good at cooking Cajun dishes (at least that's what they tell me). Anyway, I make my roux...
  13. sgt. pepper

    Whetstone vs. Diamond Stone

    Ive got a Tri-Hone that I sharpen with. I've just been surfing around and noticed the Diamond Stones. What's the word on these stones? Do they sharpen better than, worse than or about the same as a whetstone?
  14. sgt. pepper

    Shrimp Boil Question

    I guess this is part two of the deveining question I asked a few days ago. I've got several pounds of medium sized gulf shrimp and am gonna have a shrimp boil. I was wondering if any New Orleans natives or anyone experienced in this can help me? Do you eat the vein if they are boiled in...
  15. sgt. pepper

    Looking for gourmet food sites.

    I was just wondering if any of you could turn me on to some cool gourmet grocers on the web. Thanks.
  16. sgt. pepper

    A question on deveining shrimp

    Can someone tell me when it's appropriate to devein shrimp and when it's okay to eat them with the vein left in? For instance, if you make a dish such as a Jambalaya or Shrimp Creole, you are supposed to peel and devein the shrimp. Yet if you are having a shrimp boil, or are making Barbecue...
  17. sgt. pepper

    Chef's Choice vs. whetstone

    I've read from a few others about this topic but wanted to get the opinion of some professional chefs (as well as non-pros who own this machine). I've used both a three stage whetstone and a Chef's Choice 120. Everyone says that the Chef's choice takes off way too much metal and to stick with...
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