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    Mother's Day 2018

    Two holidays I dread, Easter and Mother's day...1k seats from 10-3. It's gotten easier over the years, but being back to work on a Sunday morning at 3am to start prepping after a Saturday night..woo! Good to my guys though, they get to come in at 8 to prep their omelet/carving stations while...
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    Advice for better fries

    We started home cut fries about a month ago. We had a 50/50 split on the reception. So we tweaked a bit. What we do now is twice a week (when we change oil) is literally pound out about 300# of fries each time. Blanch in 300 degree for 3 minutes. Let dry on sheet pans for an hour (I use...
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    Farm raised vs Big Distributor

    So I'm having a slight conundrum. I take pride in the food we make at the restaurant. We just did a local chef's challenge this past Sunday, 55$, the farm brought us most of the ingredients in a basket(we solely cooked from the basket too!) Chopped style, and we had 2 hours to cook a meal for...
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    Hey all!

    Just joined up, saw this site countless times in researching food, techniques, general knowledge, and figured "Hey, join finally!" Born and raised in the lovely area of Central NY, Syracuse in particular. Family owned a Pizzeria couple years before I was a twinkle in the eye, first born too...
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    I think I'm done - Burned Out Chef

    First post here as I just signed up, and, being my first time to the forums this was the first post I saw. I can say it gets better, but it may not. I can say it gets easier, but it may not. The one thing I can say is this. You may not be able to control everything, but what you can...
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