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  1. happyhelen

    Economic & inspiring lunch ideas for teenages

    foody518, thanks for that!  I love fresh fruit that you can eat straight away and will only serve that!  I won't serve anything that I am not going to enjoy !  We are so lucky to be in the Apple growing area so will be able to have a huge bowl of freshly picked apples!  Other fruits that the...
  2. happyhelen

    Best dry white wine for cooking?

    I only use wines that I am prepared to drink :)  A dry Chardonnay is usually flexible enough for most 'wine' related recipes and there are many that aren't costly. 
  3. happyhelen

    Economic & inspiring lunch ideas for teenages

    thanks flipflpgirl :)  I am excited.  The school have since called and asked me to take the contract (rather than volunteer) so I have agreed to do that!!! Excited and happy to have received so many ideas/suggestions for the menu ...
  4. happyhelen

    Economic & inspiring lunch ideas for teenages

    thank you all.  Lagom, I will be serving 1200 kids potentially with 100 teachers.  We are based in a fully commercial kitchen with all equipment (cannot use the deep fat friers though).  There will only be me full time and one part timer - both with culinary skills and experience.  Not sure on...
  5. happyhelen

    Hi everybody

    It's like riding a bicycle!  I too had a long break from the business and have just recently returned.  Just make sure you are up to speed with all the legislation and you will be fine :)  Enjoy
  6. happyhelen

    Hi everybody

    Welcome back to the business! 
  7. happyhelen

    Economic & inspiring lunch ideas for teenages

    I have volunteered to support my local school's cafeteria.  I have some knowledge of healthy, nutritious meals but am looking for ideas that may be new and fresh for this coming academic year's lunch menu.  The school competes very heavily with Subway, Tim Hortons, a fish n chip shop and a take...
  8. happyhelen

    Question about chicken wings

    hope this helps....Par-Cooking Chicken When you par-cook your chicken ahead of time, you're essentially creating an incubator for foodborne pathogens. Although the outer areas of the bird cook fully and become temporarily food-safe, the inner regions only become warm enough to put them squarely...
  9. happyhelen

    Chicken and turkey leftovers

    I love Chicken/Turkey curries -- lots of different types to choose from :)
  10. happyhelen

    What footwear do you use in the kitchen?

    thanks Rick, that's what the king brand products do, providing deep tissue treatment to aid the healing process -- feels good too :)
  11. happyhelen

    What footwear do you use in the kitchen?

    All these comments are so helpful!    I am still working through my treatment and do seem to be feeling more relief.  Just makes you really appreciate how important it is to look after your feet (other than pedis of course!!)  For those others who suffer from Plantar Fasciitis I strongly...
  12. happyhelen


    Looks absolutely delicious!  Thanks for posting, my family will appreciate the reminder this weekend :)
  13. happyhelen

    Old world cooking or using technology what do you prefer?

    Every year I make lots of English Style Christmas Puddings.  I always mix all my ingredients by hand.  Not just because this is how it was always done generations gone by in my family, but to also ensure every pudding get's the wish it so greatly deserves (another tradition in my family).  I...
  14. happyhelen

    moussaka side dishes?

    Crusty bread and leafy salad sounds delicious !  Moussaka is such a 'full' meal in itself.  The bread is delicious when mopping up the yummy meat sauce :)
  15. happyhelen

    chocolate spray gun

    Can I recommend that you use a box that can be washed.  Contamination via cardboard is really on the increase and the health inspectors hate to see it in the kitchen at all!  There are plenty of clear plastic 'boxes' that can be used instead :)
  16. happyhelen

    What drinks do you serve with a 5-7 course meal?

    I attend a 'gourmet' Christmas meal every year and each party takes a course, pairing with their chosen wine.  There are usually 8-10 of us so we can expect (always) at least 6 courses.  Each course is served with a glass of wine.  Wine is such a versatile drink, and comes in such a wide range...
  17. happyhelen

    Pancake Batter - does it keep?

    Use all the batter by making extra pancakes - the pancakes will freeze really well :)
  18. happyhelen


    I use Lamb, no potatoes, and whisk eggs, cream and cheese together for the topping ....... I think all/any moussaka is delicious!
  19. happyhelen

    cauliflower in parmesan cheese sauce

    Cauliflower Cheese is a traditional English side dish.  Steam the cauliflower as usual.  Make bechamel sauce and add whatever cheese you like (I use Parmesan, cheddar and Mozzarella mixed together).  Put cooked cauliflower in an oven baked dish, pour the cheese sauce mixture over the top...
  20. happyhelen

    What footwear do you use in the kitchen?

    thanks so much for the helpful information!  I have done some research too and found something that may work - prepared to try anything at this stage!!  I like the clog idea too, and I agree laces are difficult to keep clean but really do help with ankle support...
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