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  1. backtobasics2

    Holding Danish Dough Question...

    It's been a while since I've made and worked with Danish dough. I want to know how long I can store it in the fridge after the final turn but before I roll and shape it? Can I store it for two or three days? or is over-night the longest? Also, I can store the dough, unshaped in the freezer...
  2. backtobasics2

    Panini Press Recommendations...

    Just opened a cafe that serves panini from 11-4. We're currently doing about 30 to 40 panini. We bought 2 warrings that have a 14x14 griddle. We are not quite in our busy season yet & have only been using 1 press. It WAS working great, but 2 months in the top plate stopped heating. We unpacked...
  3. backtobasics2

    any good creme brulee recipes ??????

    maybe a dumb question, but on the flavored CB do you still torch the tops? 
  4. backtobasics2

    Creme Brulee getting soft

    How long can cooked creme brulee hold in refrigeration? (& torch before service)
  5. backtobasics2

    New Kitchen Set Up

    Hello. I am opening a small bakery & cafe / quick serve restaurant.  I've set up my tiny kitchen and have loads a space under my double deck oven.  I'm wonder what others store under there.  Too much space to not utilize, but I think i might get a bit hot under there.  I've only been in kitchen...
  6. backtobasics2

    Considering switch from traditional POS to tablet based system

    I've decided to go with toast.  I'm in the set up phase now, but will report back with updates!  I mainly decided on toast because of the inventory feature, down to the recipe level detail, so I can do all my recipe costing in one program that ties into my inventory and accounting.  Also I liked...
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    Considering switch from traditional POS to tablet based system

    Can this post be added to the pastry chef forum too?
  8. backtobasics2

    Considering switch from traditional POS to tablet based system

    Thank you for the feedback!!!  You never know when you read reviews if they are paid/fake or not!  I looked at touch bistro. Demo looked good, but read lots of negative feedback on customer times & having to do everything from the tablet (no cloud dashboard to revise menus etc from back office...
  9. backtobasics2

    Best software for calculating food cost?

    Does anyone have any experience with ??
  10. backtobasics2

    Best way to cook eggs for production breakfast sandwiches

    Pastry chef here, but I now need to make breakfast sandwiches for the morning rush.  What the best/fastest way to cook multiple eggs for breakfast sandwiches?  It's a bakery, so no flat top, only 4 burner stove & deck ovens.  Help! 
  11. backtobasics2

    Refrigerated Display Case Recommendations

    Looking to purchase a refrigerated bakery display case.  I've been considering Leader & Federal. Both seem to have same one year warranty.  Any feedback on either of these brands?  Will be used for cakes, cheesecakes, tarts, eclairs etc.
  12. backtobasics2

    Opening new bakery...

    update & used equipment question... Just checking in.  Had construction plans drawn up, been getting several quotes & checked in with health inspector, fire marshal etc.  Good thing I did, and thanks for the advise. Needed a town re-zoning permit and a sewer re-allotment  permit.  Fortunately...
  13. backtobasics2


    I have a number of recipes that call for sweetex.  In an effort to go all natural I want to eliminate this product.  Does anyone have any experience?  I don't think I can do a once for once butter substitution.  
  14. backtobasics2

    Sticky Bun Sugar????

    perfect. thanks!
  15. backtobasics2

    Opening new bakery...

    Thanks to all. ALL experience and advise is most welcomed!!! Always good to avoid pit holes where you can!    I' spoke to the local BOH inspector first to get requirements. He also directed me to local & state electric & plumbing inspectors.  Contacting them next so they can review my floor...
  16. backtobasics2

    Sticky Bun Sugar????

    thanks Lauren. I do the same or similar with sticky buns with good success. Although the product is called "sticky bun sugar" it marketed for sticky buns, cinnamon buns, granola bar etc.  It intrigued me, because I can't seem to get a good gooey cinnamon buns. This product is supposed to create...
  17. backtobasics2

    Sticky Bun Sugar????

    Anyone familiar with King Arthur's Sticky Bun Sugar, or how to create the same gooey effect from "scratch"?
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