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  1. rpooley

    Coloring macarons

    I have read that gel or liquid coloring can inhibit development of the "feet" and one should use powdered color. I used some gel color today and for the first time in forever, did not get feet, but that is not a very scientific experiment (n=1). Thoughts?
  2. rpooley

    Great British Bake Off - jams

    On the show, most folks at some point make a "jam". As far as I can tell, they just boil sugar and fruit until it's thick, not necessarily gelling. Anyone have any other info on what the British use of 'jam' in this context might be? Thanks
  3. rpooley


    So, on Silpat or parchment, they uncurl. On a full sheet, they make hard caramel that is nigh impossible to clean. Thoughts?
  4. rpooley

    How many ounce/grams pate sucrée in a 3.5 inch tartlet pan?

    Posting this here in case any home baker or professional baker has already done this math. No sense in re-inventing the wheel. Standard pate sucrée dough, press in variety. Thanks in advance
  5. rpooley

    Wasn't sure what to do late at night, so I.......

    .....practiced shaping tuile cookies
  6. rpooley

    Baking sheets

    Got 16 full size pans super discounted from a bakery closing down. However, they are thick with years of caramelized black carbon deposits. Tried power washer and a super stiff steel brush and water. Any other thoughts for getting it off? It is too thick to be proper seasoning but is residue...
  7. rpooley

    Sous vide rump roast and broth

    First of all, I think this has been covered here in a thread before (which I can't find now) but I wanted to try this. There's not a ton of recipes/guides for rump roast sous vide that I can find. Tips? Also, in general, can you add a cup of liquid to a sous vide roast to get a broth for...
  8. rpooley

    Will it split/curdle after freezing?

    Finished sauce L'Americaine (with tomalley, roe and reduced with half the cream called for in the recipe).
  9. rpooley

    Lobster tomalley and roe

    Can these be stored cold in the refrigerator for a day or two before using?
  10. rpooley

    Lobster stock

    I have read to skim the foam as it rises to the surface but considering that much of it may be albumin, I have read to leave it in as it acts as gelatin does in meat stocks. Thoughts?
  11. rpooley

    Puff pastry advance prep

    Do you think that puff pastry turnovers filled and sealed can sit in the fridge for a day before egg washing, sugaring and baking? I would imagine the pastry would be ok and not get soggy. Thoughts?
  12. rpooley

    Cardinal slice cake

    I was making the couleur for this, first time I've tried it. The directions seem to indicate the caramel should be as dark as the espresso, almost burnt. Anyone have experience with this? Thanks
  13. rpooley

    Home milled flour

    Anyone? Bueller? Just pondering this and wondering who is doing it. Any thoughts appreciated.
  14. rpooley

    Filo/Phyllo from scratch

    Is it worth it for the home baker?
  15. rpooley

    Lobster - The T-bone steak of the sea

    I am coming to the opinion that cooking whole lobster is as big a mistake as cooking T-bones/porterhouse. Namely, that the separate parts - whether claws/tail/body or strip portion/tenderloin portion - require different cooking methods to get the best result. I've never really been happy with...
  16. rpooley

    St. Valentine's Day (Lobster) Massacre is here again!

    Our Valentine's Day tradition continues, as does my quest for techniques and tips to utilize roe and tomalley in more interesting ways than mayo. :) I have recently read a recipe by Jacques Pepin where he butchers the lobsters, mixes roe and tomalley with flour and white wine. Then, sautés...
  17. rpooley

    Sourdough bread temperature for bulk fermentation

    My sourdough has been doing ok but I have a cold kitchen and the fermentation takes forever. I started using Jeffrey Hamelman's formula for desired dough temperature (DDT). After mixing, the dough is a perfect 78-80 F and finishes in 3-4 hours, which I think is a better time for a milder...
  18. rpooley

    Standard sourdough in a pullman pan

    Has anyone ever tried this? I was looking for a way to make longer loaves of sourdough, rather than the typical big round boule. One thing I have done is baked it in a fish poacher, keeps the long shape during the final rise and it can be covered in the first half to build up some steam...
  19. rpooley

    Fat loss in a paté de campagne

    For a 2 quart terrine mold, fairly standard pork lean/fat mix, cooked properly in a bain marie, about what volume of fat loss (congealed around the paté) seems appropriate? I usually have about 1/2 - 2/3 cup layer around the whole thing. Tastes fine (not dry) but it seems like a lot. Thanks
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