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  1. supertommy6

    Honing Question

    Thanks BDL for your thorough response.  Clearly "sharpness" of a knife is not as simple of a concept as one might think.  I'm going to do some more reading and research and hopefully wrap my brain around the whole thing. Thanks for your help! Tom
  2. supertommy6

    Honing Question

    Is it safe to say that you all are stumped by this question? Do any of you have any experience using a steel the "wrong" way? What results did you have? Thanks for your help! Tom
  3. supertommy6

    Honing Question

    So, I'm confused about honing.  Specifically, I'm confused about the direction the blade should be taken across the steel. First of all, as I understand it, a knife needs to be honed because the edge of the blade "rolls" or bends over, like this: Honing the knife is supposed to straighten...
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