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  1. chefbecky

    Onion & Garlic free dishes

    I have a job coming up to provide 3 meals daily for a week to a group of 10, who specified no onions, garlic or chives.  As almost everything I make, except dessert, starts with onions and garlic, I have a challenge and would welcome any ideas.  Obviously I will have to rely on spices, lemon...
  2. chefbecky

    Rib Eye Steak

    I have clients who want rib eye for dinner, and I don't usually make it as I find it tough for my taste.  I have access to Black Angus Rib Eye choice.  Am I best to do it stove top in cast iron or on a grill?  I tried stove top last night - very tasty but a little tough as usual.  Perhaps I...
  3. chefbecky

    Crispy Capers

    I tried rinsing, drying well, and frying in an inch or so of hot oil, and just ended up with soft oily capers.  Anyone have a better method.  I want them to crisp.  Thanks 
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