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  1. martijacobs

    Cleveland and Springfield, somebody?

    Hello to all!! Well, my partner and I are currently planning visit again Cleveland and I was hoping to get some feedback from those who live.  I'm planning a surprise, he is photographer, and this trip we want to make some good pictures of us. We are making a hole list of beautiful points that...
  2. martijacobs

    Just reminding the Eat Drink SF

    Hello, Hi everyone! We are so excited because we are attending for first time to this event! My wife and I have a small cooking business of Italian food delivery. This will be our first time in San Francisco. A friend told us about it and we are finding this as a opportunity to increase our...
  3. martijacobs

    Hi from L.A!

    Hi everyone!! I'm excited to be here. Well, about three years ago I left my job and started my dream. I´m an architect but it has always been my passion the kitchen. Along with my wife, we have spoiled the palates of Italian food lovers, adding a touch of our taste and admiration in spices...
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