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  1. greenguy

    Looking for a new line knife, what do you use on the line?

    I currently have a fairly nice collection that I am happy with, but I'm always looking to pick up some new tools, so I'm planning on getting a some new knives in the coming months. First, I'm looking for a knife to use while on the line during service.  What do you pros prefer to use?  I'm...
  2. greenguy

    Honing Rods

    This has probably been addressed before, so I apologize in advance for redundancy.  I've been using a grooved steel and realize it is not the best option and probably does more harm than good, so I want to upgrade.  I have a Misono Swedish gyuto and Kikuichi Carbon Elite suji as well as some...
  3. greenguy

    Misono Price

    Has anyone noticed that the prices for Misono has dropped over the last month or two?  Does anyone know why?  I feel like I got ripped off buying mine a few months too soon.
  4. greenguy

    Smelly wooden knife handle

    So I recently purchased a Dexter 9" carbon fillet knife.  I really like the blade on it, but the handle smells like fish, and I cannot get rid of it.  The handle seemed kinda porous when I got it, so I've been oiling it with mineral oil once a week.  Will this solve the problem over time, or is...
  5. greenguy

    Gyuto and Sujihiki

    So I'm looking to pick up a couple new knives sometime between now and Christmas.  I am a line cook and work the fish station.  I'm looking at Misono Sweden, Kikuichi, and Konosuke. Suji: When working on the line during service, I like to keep my board clean and uncluttered, so I want just one...
  6. greenguy

    New Shoes

    So it's time again to get a new pair of shoes.  For the my 3 years in the culinary world, I have only used the Walmart Tred-Safe shoes, getting a new pair every 6-8 months, and I think it is time to upgrade to something better.  So I've been looking at Shoes for Crews and Dansko.  I'm a little...
  7. greenguy

    T-I Sabatier Help!

    So today I just received my Thiers Issard Sabatier Nogent 9" flex fillet knife from, but it seems to have some issues.  From what I've read here and other places around the interwebs, I know that fit and finish seems to be a problem with this company, but I figured people still...
  8. greenguy

    I've got crabs

    Does anyone have any good ways to keep soft shell crabs alive for as long as possible (without a fish tank!)?  Thanks.
  9. greenguy

    Fillet Knife

    So I think I actually started a thread similar to this a while ago, but I switched jobs and my needs changed so I never purchased anything.  Anyway, I'm going to start butchering a lot of fish soon and I am in need of a fillet knife.  The fish I will be breaking down ranges from 15lb slabs of of...
  10. greenguy

    Best time to apply to restaurant

    Hi, so I'm planning on going to a couple fine dining restaurants in NYC to apply for a job.  I heard that going in person and asking to speak with the chef is the best way.  I figure between the hours of 2 and 4pm would be best, but does it matter what day?  I was thinking of going tomorrow...
  11. greenguy

    Where to work in NYC

    So I know there is a similar thread, but my question is a bit different.  I just graduated school and I am looking for a job in NYC and I am looking for a place to learn and get some worthwhile experience, pay is secondary (as long as it's something).  I am mostly interested in learning classic...
  12. greenguy

    Mac vs Sabatier Filet knife

    So I'm looking to buy new boning and filets knives.  As far as a boning knife, I think I'm gonna go with a 5" rigid K-Sab Carbon for about $45 from For the filet knife I'm deciding between a 6" K-Sab Carbon ($45) and a 7" Mac Pro ($120). Can anyone offer some input on the...
  13. greenguy

    Looking for some advice

    So first, a little about what I've done so far, and what I want to do. In August I will be graduating with a Bachelor's in Hotel, Restaurant, and Institution Management and for the past two years while at school I have worked as a line cook at a hotel. This is my only experience working at a...
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