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  1. bdwillms

    Do you still like us as Canadians?

    Hello to everybody:D I hope you Americans living all over the continent still like us Canadians. In my opinion we should of supported our allies in the liberation of Iraq.:) Our Prime Minister is from Quebec and talks more like a mainland European than representative of all Canadians. 70%...
  2. bdwillms

    Man beef

    :chef: Anybody tried any of the manbeef over the Christmas season:D :) :o
  3. bdwillms

    Candy chef

    Hello all:bounce: There is a T.V. commercial up here in Canada that advertizes Tide and features a Belgian candy chef that is working in Calgary Alberta and gets his clothes dirty .He uses Tide to clean them. I wonder if anybody else has seen this commercial and if this man is a real candy...
  4. bdwillms


    Kimmie How do you post those cool gremilins you use?I would not mind knowing how to do that. :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:
  5. bdwillms


    It is niece to see that some Canadians know about and interact on this site :D .I enjoy interacting with Americans as well ;) I look forward to talking with all of you . :) I learned of this site through another site that Nicko posts on ocasionally :) .
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