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  1. chefladine

    Taking a Turkey out at 140 f or 145?

    Next week im making a huge Thanksgiving dinner for 25 people. Im doing 1 giant Turkey and 2 Turkey breasts. I will be brining them and then roasting them upside down basting with a grand marnier butter. I have probe thermometers but im curious to find out the best temp to take it out at. It...
  2. chefladine

    Any good jobs in Orange County California? Or Anywhere???

    Hello, I am currently working as a personal chef to a very wealthy couple and  have been so for almost 2 years but I have decided that its about time to move on. I am interested in going to work for a company with great benefits as my wife and I are expecting our first baby in January. The job...
  3. chefladine

    The best chocolate souffle recipe!

    Hello I am a personal chef and I just recently joined this site to see if I could connect with other chefs to exchange ideas, recipes, knowledge and just to make some other chef friends. I am on the hunt for an amazing chocolate souffle recipe that is faultless with a very light texture and rich...
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