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    Summer 2015; your food & drinks

    I didn't know that, but I was wondering how bees got honey from pine trees. What do they take home to the hive? @cihaneroletlik  I will look for chestnut next time. The honey comes from my favorite etnic shop. I paid 6,5 € for that tiny bottle, but it's worth every drop. I spent many holidays...
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    A mix but not really a mix... Our famous brewers put all their knowledge into this highly specialized "kriek" or cherry beer, which is a maceration of ripe cherries on artisan beer obtained from spontaneous fermentation.The cherries will swim in beer for 3/4 of a year, to be served the next...
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    Summer 2015; your food & drinks

    Summer fruit, Turkish pine honey, vanilla ice cream Most expensive item in here? The fragrant Turkish pine honey! But, such a perfect match with the fruit and the ice cream.
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    Summer 2015; your food & drinks

    Tabouleh and spicy meat balls You can use bulghur or couscous to make tabouleh. I use couscous and as usual a lot of fresh herbs.  The meatballs were first poached in a vegetable stock, then fried. The same vegetable stock was then used for the couscous. I was planning to serve this with...
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    Summer 2015; your food & drinks

    @cihaneroletlik  Hello there, it's a pity my knowledge of South-American cuisine is so poor,... almost non existing to be true. I see corn, pollo is chicken and papa probably potatoes. The chicken has such a lovely color. But I would love to hear some more on panquita, comino, choclo and...
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    Summer 2015; your food & drinks

    Squid ink risotto and mussels The risotto is made with the left-over juices from steaming the mussels. I added around 1,5 times water, or, the risotto would have been much too salty. The squid ink was added somewhere halfway the cooking time of the risotto. No cheese in there either, simply...
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    @Cerise  my apologies for the nonsense in your thread.
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    When french and english people pronounce some identical words, they will hardly understand each other. The main reason is... emphasis falls on different parts of the word. Also, accents on words help the pronounciation, in a number of cases to show where the emphasis is, like in the word...
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    Summer 2015; your food & drinks

    I used fresh ricotta, you can see the little pot in the second small picture. I also added quite a lot of grainy mustard, counting on that to keep the burger together. The texture was very interesting and since the salmon was hand cut, you can still feel the small chunks. But overall, I'm going...
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    Summer 2015; your food & drinks

    Salmon and ricotta burger Another improvisation. Cut salmon fillet in tiny cubes, add plenty grainy mustard, ricotta, chopped chervil and seasoning. Bake in the oven. I used those small DeBuyer pans to keep the burgers together while baking. Make a sauce with homemade mayo, cold water, chili...
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    There's a lot more to say about combining beers. When adding "grenadine" to a panaché (beer + Sprite or 7-up), you have a Monaco. Also very popular drink was a blond beer only, with a touch of "grenadine" which was called a Tango (more a lady's drink). Grenadine is pomegranate syrup. Many...
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