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    whats your test for line cooks????

    i guess it all really depends on what the person who's hiring is looking for.. some people just want drones to stay in one position and never grow but master what they were intended to do.. others look for people they can feel comfortable training to learn and go beyond things they have...
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    Most awkward place you had to cook a dish while at work...

    Ok, so with all of us working in busy kitchens we know how it feels when we are crammed for space, especially when you get curveballs thrown at you which makes you have to improvise, i was just curious to see what situations the collective has been in that would make us all sit back and think...
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  4. chefdrizzle

    whats your test for line cooks????

    that written test idea is quite great.. i think mystery baskets are always a good way to get an idea of the creativity of the individual.  X amount of ingredients, make a salad/app and an entree in an hour.  Granted the creativity is one thing but i also like to put the pressure on and watch how...
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    Thank you chef.  I first made the dish as a tasting portion for a charity chef auction event.. had few different ingredients same concept.  This picture is what i did when i hooked it up on a larger scale for a special which turned into one of the seasons menu items. 
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    sorry for the delay in description(s), laptop went down shortly after i uploaded my pics.. now its fixed and i have more pictures to upload and even more descriptions to write..    Duck Roulade wrapped in Applewood Smoked Bacon - Stuffed w/ Merguez Sausage, Sambuca soaked/dried Apples, Raisins &...
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    Pan fried broccoli & Dubliner white cheddar stuffed chicken breast, Dijon creamed spinach, Beluga lentils w/panchetta and chipotle/roasted red pepper sauce
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    Thank you sir!
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