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  1. pirate-chef

    fermentation and pickling

    Im just curious what everyone else is doing. lately i pickle about anything and im very curious and interested in fermenting. what are your favorites? any cool tricks? 
  2. pirate-chef

    Curing Pickling etc

    Ok to start off i have been in and out of the forum a bit. in the spring i was working on a project with high hopes of curing picking preparing a lot of our own food and time ran out for many of these things so we had to source out, after this i went into a more molecular fine dining based...
  3. pirate-chef

    Curing meat

    In the summers my partner and I run a small restaurant in a beach town in Denmark. We have been going through a range of ideas an I would love to start producing some of our own cured meats seeing as we are close to amazing organic farms and it would fit our venue very well. Does anyone have...
  4. pirate-chef


    I know its pointless to ask what knife someone would suggest or even what you think is the best since every chef has a view and they all seem to be different. At the moment im looking into some new knives out of boredom and curiosity more than anything. It would be fun to see what is in...
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