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  2. chuckbartok

    Hello form Rural Northern California

    Thank you. I try to Forum post 1 hour a day.... Scattered through out the day. It amazes me how many wonderful people I have met form around the world, who share common ground
  3. chuckbartok

    Hello form Rural Northern California

    Hello everyone. Two of my passions brought me to this forum Gardening (farming) and Cooking For the past 50 years I have been involved in these two businesses as a grower, packer shipper, processor retailer and food service establishment owner It is fun being involved with taking food "off...
  4. chuckbartok

    your own personal garden

    We grow year round for our personal use and for selected customers locally. We raised the family with a 365 day 20 Acre Truck Farm and Fruit stand. Our crops now: Tomatoes basil cilantro Eggplant Onions Spinach Peas Pole green Beans Cucumbers Melons Potatoes Many of our vine crops are...
  5. chuckbartok

    Tomato Question

    Some knowledgeable "mater experts here. Allie, if you are looking for consistent production of good tasting tomatoes, may I suggest Early Girl, Champion and Stupice. Early Girls and Stupice (from the Ukraine and cold hardy) will be vigorous and early fruit set. Th Early Girl produce a...
  6. chuckbartok

    Considerations when growing tomatoes in containers

    The only thing may be a bit too much fertilizer... Blossom end rot, you know, is usually the consequence of Calcium deficiency and water Management. You are using a Calcium additive so that is Good. Are both containers set up to drain the same? Have they the same soil mix? But just like all...
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