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  1. pirate-chef

    So how did NYE go?

    1 seating 60 people set 12 course. super smooth 
  2. pirate-chef

    Chopping Large Amounts of Parsley (Pacojet?)

    on another thought.... for the money how about running them through a juicer the way the blade spins it should break down everything to somewhere around the size you want. if you are doing it in a paco you will more or less have a pure since you are freezing it and the blade is shaving a frozen...
  3. pirate-chef

    Chopping Large Amounts of Parsley (Pacojet?)

    or slight amount of water and paco then you can keep the parsley in piping bags in the freezer to free up buckets thaw in water bath and use. love my paco! 
  4. pirate-chef

    Air travel with knife bags

    multiple trips from the us to and from europe and central america. messermeister simple knife roll and no issues out of the maybe 20 times now. 
  5. pirate-chef

    Looking for a specific brand of pan...

    Debuyer for sure! condition it like cast iron never wash it while its hot, and never never soap
  6. pirate-chef

    How does ur kitchen clean floor at end of night?

    clean walls down to benches, benches to floor, flood the floor , degreaser  scrub like hell squegie to the drain , clean the drains. 
  7. pirate-chef

    Does anyone have any tips for calming down quickly during service?

    breathe focus look over things. happy gilmore and go to a happy place then bang the shit out. we all struggle with it but how it affects you is how good you are work work work if you break down figure out how to be above it until you can sleepwalk through these services. 
  8. pirate-chef

    Duck breast other than sauteed?

    exactly. sorry for the late reply good luck! 
  9. pirate-chef

    What cookbook is glued to your hands right now?

    faviken is great. i like a lot  of his philosophy and styles its really interesting to see someone going so fat to classic cooking from their region. 
  10. pirate-chef

    Duck breast other than sauteed?

    sous vide for sure or use thomas kellers method for making like a proschutto out of them ( 1 day covered in salt rinse hang 1-2 weeks to firm slice very thin. 
  11. pirate-chef

    What's in your kniferoll?

    thats exactly where im standing on it. plus being on a waiting list for it to be built. 
  12. pirate-chef

    What cookbook is glued to your hands right now?

    I went a bit crazy buying books lately the pile im going through are Quay, Farviken, mathias dahlgren, alinea, momofuku, murgaritz and the noma books. 
  13. pirate-chef

    What cookbook is glued to your hands right now?

    absolutely agree im happy to see one you can actually use. I will be dropping mine off this week to be signed. 
  14. pirate-chef

    What's in your kniferoll?

    I have just found an american company making what looks like great knives but pricy does anyone know about red forge works? 
  15. pirate-chef

    fermentation and pickling

    Thank you all for the help. I have been really happy with pickling rose petals from rose hips and useing the liquid and flowers in ice cream and drink bases, charred pickled onions are always around and pickled sea buckthorn were favorites. at the moment i have been working on making my own...
  16. pirate-chef

    fermentation and pickling

    whats that style 
  17. pirate-chef

    fermentation and pickling

    Im just curious what everyone else is doing. lately i pickle about anything and im very curious and interested in fermenting. what are your favorites? any cool tricks? 
  18. pirate-chef

    Your favorite knife?

    first it was my shun now my hattori 8 inch 
  19. pirate-chef

    Pork Rinds?

    Spot on with the chef above except i run them in the oven on full steam, scrape them slice julianne dehydrate and store in airtight boxes until i need them. fry them in something that you can push them fully submerged for the best result and salt after. 
  20. pirate-chef

    Vacuum Sealers

    I have a medium chamber vacum and i use it for nearly everything. sealing meats for use in the water bath, veg too. portioning and freezing about anything. compressing fruits even some of our sponge cakes are based on it i think i use it maybe 30-40 times a day every day. 
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