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  1. Transglutaminase

    Tips for getting out of a creative rut?

    I'd say, it depends on your audience. There are some pretty creative menus out there, but if your clients don't like, perhaps spicy, then it's a problem. Been to a lot of buffets.. In Mexico, only the locals (and myself) love Menudo for breakfast. In small town BC, the locals love westernized...
  2. Transglutaminase

    Kitchen decluttering

    Been there, done that! As for tools/cookware, If I "may" use it again, put in a big tote in in the garage (or attic?) for archiving. Otherwise, if still usable, and.. will never use again, donate to thrift stores,.. otherwise bin it. Spices? The bulk spices, I vacuum seal in mason jars & put in...
  3. Transglutaminase

    What did you have for dinner?

    Chicken saltimbocca, dunderi w/lemon butter & beans. prolly' too much....waddle..waddle..
  4. Transglutaminase

    Professional knife set for home cooking

    Have a bunch of different knives here. A few Mercer..some are good, some crap. Was in Puerto Vallarta watching kitchen staff doing prep- with big plastic handle Tramontina chef's knives (not available north of Mexico), went to the supplier there & bought one - luv it! Have one Victorinox...
  5. Transglutaminase

    What did you have for dinner?

    Did "Shun Lee Palace" lemon chicken (the real recipe- not the "cookbook version") Vietnamese broken rice and pea pods avec water chestnuts. After one too many..forgot to do the iceberg lettuce "bedding" under the chicken..Duh! ..oh well..GF hates the lettuce anyway.
  6. Transglutaminase

    introductory sous vide recommendations?

    Ditto on the Anova. I don't bother with the remote/wifi control, as every time one implements it, one gets spammed.
  7. Transglutaminase

    ISO sauerkraut recipe, which doesn’t use vinegar

    I concur, cabbage (preferably late/winter white) and salt only. I use ~3Tbs pickling salt per 5 lbs shredded cabbage (via krauthobel/mandolin). Squish, crush the cabbage with the salt as you layer it. Lay on weights, cover & keep it slightly below room temp for a few weeks. For small batches...
  8. Transglutaminase

    Scallion Pancakes

    Made them many times in the past..but a bit of a PITA. Have to say, the local Asian (T&T & Superstore) markets now carry them frozen. Still need to fry them with too much oil, but.. never the less...pretty darn good. On a similar dough method..and what seems to be another PITA recipe,...about...
  9. Transglutaminase

    Sambal Olek......forget about Sri Racha

    My fave is the sweet Sambal Badjak, Koningsvogel brand. (I don't care for the Conimex). On nasi goreng, of course! :) Drool.. Thx for the recipe links Butzy! May have to make it myself, as it's getting more difficult to find.
  10. Transglutaminase

    Homemade Dough Sheeter?

    I doubt I'd try to make a sheeter (maybe an old wringer washer / mangle?) ;-) Depends on the width of your dough. For low buck, low volume, one can use pasta roller machines, both hand crank & electric. There are a few that are fairy wide, and Amazon sells a 19" hand crank pasta roller/sheeter...
  11. Transglutaminase

    What did you have for dinner?

    Pizzas...too many I typically use the "least common denominator" leftovers for dins..was ham w/pineapple this week..and carried away ..
  12. Transglutaminase

    How to Deal With Higher Ups and Co-Workers

    Do you have a contract, in writing, that clearly defines your job/duties? If not, then I'd ask your boss/supervisor for the job definition,..again, in writing! Get everything in writing, ..write ups, etc., ..and retain all. Suing employers by "ambulance chasers AKA: employment lawyers" on TV...
  13. Transglutaminase

    Shell pistachios?

    I usually go to the Arabic/Middle Eastern markets for (de)shelled pistachios (& other nuts). They're usually fresh (stock rotation), but often in huge bag$. Divide them up, vac seal & toss in the deep freeze.
  14. Transglutaminase

    Hi all - an aspiring "good" home cook looking to learn what I need to learn

    Perhaps start with a few simple dishes that you may find interesting, via cookbooks and innerweb recipes. Do not trust ALL cookbooks and the innerweb, BTW! There's many mistakes in both, trust me! For new recipes, I often print out innerweb recipes & compare them to cookbooks, change...
  15. Transglutaminase

    Bitterness in stews

    ..Might I suggest, with the plethora of said ingredients, a mild emetic digestif?
  16. Transglutaminase

    What did you have for dinner?

    What, no fried spam or mac/potato salad? ;-) I miss Aloha brand Shoyu & fresh poke/pink ogo from the markets.. And the poi - 2 day old- in the bag. Can't make it the same here..sigh! Will be back someday!
  17. Transglutaminase

    Bitterness in cooked foods

    I only use well seasoned cast iron for oily or non-acidic foods. Boiling acidic foods/tomatoes in unseasoned cast iron will definitely give an off taste. Sometimes expired/badly mixed spices give an off /bitter taste (happened to me - crappy ras el hanout). If you're unsure, heat up a bit of...
  18. Transglutaminase

    Lobster tails served in shell

    I've had/made lobster thermidor with upright split shell in the's been a while though. Actually, the very first time I had it was at a French restaurant & it was prepared at the table.
  19. Transglutaminase

    Kartoffelpuffer (Potato pancakes) Best way to hold?

    I agree wth chefbillyb, a bit of acid to prevent the potato mix from browning/oxidising at it sits. Also, I toss the mix in a strainer a few minutes before cooking, so the pancakes are less soggy. Still can't make them as good as grandma's, but will continue trying.
  20. Transglutaminase

    Organic seaweed with plenty of umami?

    I usually purchase authentic Japanese ingredients/kitchenware at the local Japanese import grocer/markets. (ie: product of &/or made in Japan). Prices usually vary on grade. Haven't heard of organic kombu/konbu....yet. G'Luck! :) PS: Google Translate with your phone cam is great for real-time...
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