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    Green tea at home

    I prefer Japanese teas, such as Bancha, Hojicha, Sencha and Matcha- they have a clean, full flavor; the boost they provide is not followed by a "crash" like coffee. I buy some of my tea from Ten Ren or Ten Teas. Check them out online- they have sampler packs. Enjoy - By the way, don't woory...
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    KNives, knives, knives.

    Basically, I think that it comes down to: what, specifically, are you using the knives for? How much time are you willing to spend sharpening and maintaining them? Is durability of the blade more important than the edge it can take? Personally, I use a Kershaw Shun Pro Deba Knife 8 1/4" for...
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    We menu a pork rib roast, and baby-back ribs, as well as features such as pork tenderloin, stuffed pork loins roulades, pork "steamship"(fresh ham), braised shoulder chops, and pretty much anything else I can get my hands on. Pork specials always sell well where I am in Maryland. We also do...
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    Is it just me?

    Personally, I agree the term is abused. But, as long as my customers and staff learn, enjoy my food, and have a great time when they are there(and think about it when they are not), you can call me "cook", "chef", "hey buddy", or even "a**hole" for all I care...... I haven't heard "poele" or...
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    Naked Sushi

    This practice started many years ago in Japan, where it is not considered a sexual act. In addition, the higher temperature of the sushi(from the body heat), for some fish(hamachi, otoro) is desirable. From my understanding, most of the time the Nyotaimori(the name for the models) are plastic...
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    Hey everybody, my name is Nick. I have been working in kitchens for 12 years. My main interests are Japanese and Italian cuisine. I am currently working at a high- volume fine dining restaurant where I run our seasonal restarant's kithchen for four months a year. The rest of my off-season is...
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