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  1. sergio71

    Removing silver skin from ribs?

    Thanks to all for the information. I will definitely remove it next time. All these years cooking ribs, both in the oven and on the grill, and I never knew this membrane should be removed. Great feedback, thanks again.
  2. sergio71

    Removing silver skin from ribs?

    I was watching Guy Fieri on tv the other night showing how to cook ribs. But before he started, the first thing he did was remove the "silver skin" off the back of the racks. I had no idea that there was a skin there that was supposed to be removed before cooking ribs. Is this true? Should I be...
  3. sergio71

    Differentiating the wine

    I once asked a wine salesman who had over 50 years of experience about which wines were the best. Was it the style, region, year, etc? He just looked at me and smiled as he said, “the best wines for you are the ones you like best.” I think people have grown overly concerned with the whole wine...
  4. sergio71

    Quick poll

    I usually measure everything out before I start. This just makes it easier for me to add everything as I go. Otherwise, I'll just be scrambling to measure things out while I'm trying to mix things together. The more I can do up front just seems to make things go smoother for me.
  5. sergio71

    Hello From Miami

    Thanks for the welcome. But allow me to explain. I am not from the wine industry at all and my intentions were not to spam anyone. I would honestly never do that. I do however co-own a wine rack website that I started as sort of a hobby. This hobby site eventually grew into a full fledged...
  6. sergio71

    Hello From Miami

    Hi all, I joined this forum in hopes to learn more and improve my cooking skills. I am far from being a Chef but really enjoy cooking, especially out on the grill. My biggest problem is being consistent. Sometimes I cook up a delicious meal, but there are times when just trying to repeat a...
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