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  1. miguel neves

    Compiling ingredients database - is this a good idea?

    As a cook, i have wondered where i could find all the information about food. The answer i got was something like :" There are not enough books and internet websites for you to search?". So i decided to create my own database, i searched a lot of programs and did a lot of testing in a lot of...
  2. miguel neves

    Ingredient, Recepie, Menu and photo managers. What to use?

    I came across the biggest difficulty in organizing my information. I have tons of digital cookbooks, recipe sheets, ingredients documents and thousands of photos, but when i want to start putting things all organized i don't know where to do it. I have in my computer folders inside folders...
  3. miguel neves

    Hello, from Portugal

    My name is Miguel Neves, im 24 years old and i'm a line cook. Hope to have a good time with this community.
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