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  1. chef deb

    what books should I read

    I'm in the Culinary Arts certificate course and I have been reading books on cooking and on becoming a chef. I got a $50. gift certificate card for my birthday and I was wondering what kind of books are good for reading on cooking and becoming a cook or chef.:chef:
  2. chef deb

    info about menu planning and cost controls

    Hi I was just wondering if anyone know about culinary arts courses that does cost control and menu planning. right know i'm in a 10 month professional cook course whic is done june 20/08. Should i just go back to school and take the culinary arts 2 yr diplomia couses since the one i'm in is...
  3. chef deb

    Culinary Arts Class

    Hi I just completed my term 1 in Culinary arts and got an F. How can a person bring up their mark, if the chef is pushing you to the back of the course, like making breads, stocks and sanitation and getting the more experience ones to do the more advanced jobs. Plus the chef has his student...
  4. chef deb

    Hi all

    this is my first time.:talk:
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