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  1. theelectricchef

    Need to feed 12 people with Beef Welington

    Yes, more the classical version but it puts smiles all around the table including mine. A nice glass of Pinot to cut through the richness of this dish and you are well on your way!
  2. theelectricchef

    Need to feed 12 people with Beef Welington

    I agree with you and berndy, it's much more fun to slice the whole filet. 6oz portion/person should be good. You didn't ask but are you making a mushroom duxelle to cover the filet? If going traditional, put a small slice of duck pate on bottom and duxelle on top, wrap with savory crepes and...
  3. Homemade Christmas food gifts?

    Homemade Christmas food gifts?

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  6. theelectricchef


    1000 year old egg.
  7. theelectricchef

    At what point is a person a 'Chef"?

    That put things in perspective ChefBillyB!
  8. theelectricchef

    At what point is a person a 'Chef"?

    A Chef is one who has the the highest respect in the kitchen because he or she has mastered every position. A chef is one who steps in where needed, challenged with the responsibility of the monthly P&L's, the safety and well being of the staff and overall quality of the product served. With...
  9. theelectricchef

    in need of advice

    It sounds like you are uncomfortable taking on running a kitchen. These opportunities do not present themselves every day. If you plan to make a go at it an become a chef, I recommend to stay with it. Being in the business for many years, I've never ran into a chef that was "ready". They stepped...
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    Be honest and upfront sharing your goals with your manager. If he or she values you, they will listen. Develop and agree to SMART (Specific, measurable, agreed upon, realistic and time based) goals. If you can't get to this point, it may be time to move on. It sounds like you are serious and...
  11. theelectricchef

    Line cook to FOH manager

    FOH is a good next step if you are aspired to run your own business. This will help you build your costumer relation skills and overall business management. Good luck and follow your dreams!
  12. theelectricchef

    Jumping into the Fire or not

    I second Chefwriter. Go with your gut and go for it. It will be not fun to live with those 'what ifs". I, myself am in a so called "cushy" corporate job but slowly finding my way back to my passion. This time it is on my terms. I hope this helps.
  13. theelectricchef

    Long Island Food Trucking

    Tested Signature items are critical to your success. Who is your target market? Are you looking for a partner because of financing issues or a particular skill set? I recommend you go at it alone if at all possible.
  14. theelectricchef

    Brown stock and gravy advice

    Yes, reducing the wine by at least half will remove most of the alcohol. I would suggest you reduce to au sec (dry) and add some chopped shallots to the mix when reducing. Moneyknife83 is on point. Low simmer will ensure a more clear stock. If you are seeking more flavor, follow Monkeyknife83...
  15. theelectricchef

    Should i leave this restaurant?

    Sounds like the owner needs to quit or get some leadership training.  It's clear to me the front of he house is poorly managed. Adjustments like staggered seating needs to occur. Kitchen melt down isn't good for business. Unfortunately, this kind of "I'm the owner", fear management behavior...
  16. theelectricchef

    Career Advice

    I'm with Someday on Option #1. If you are serious about advancing your career, you must step up and go all in. Yes, it can be nerve racking but working under one great chef can open the doors to many great opportunities. You are not getting any younger. Go for it!!
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