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    Post- COVID culinary work?

    Despite my best efforts to stay healthy, I was diagnosed with COVID last week and I'm concerned about what's ahead once I recover. Physically, I'm having no issues (for me, it's just been like a mild cold), but the major issue that has come up for me is that my sense of taste and smell are...
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    Balancing between online and in- house orders

    The Korean fried chicken shop that I work at is connected with three delivery services (Lieferando, Uber Eats, and Wolt), but all three services are usually running from the start of our day (12 noon) until close of business (10PM) and we do normal service + to- go orders during this time as...
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    First restaurant job

    I just made my first step into restaurant work in September; I started working at a Korean restaurant doing production work (making sauces and marinade mixes as well as prepping meat and produce for our other restaurants to use); the owner of the restaurant has three shops altogether, but this...
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    Evening, everyone! I'm brand new to the profession (just started working a month and a half ago) and am working as a fry cook at a Korean chicken & beer joint in Berlin, Germany. I don't have anything in the way of formal training, but I've been a hobby cook for the last fifteen years and am...
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