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  1. pirendeus

    Difference in vintage carbon Sabatiers?

    I'm a history freak, and I'm falling for the story given for vintage sabs . However, I don't know enough to tell a real difference between their NOS carbon sabs and their vintage carbon nogent sabs. I see the NOS description just says that the TI owners father made those knives....would that...
  2. pirendeus

    Looking for cheap cleaver...cck or no-name?

    I'd like to venture into the cleaver jungle, and obviously prefer to keep the investment as low as possible. Basically, I'm a light-use home cook. I cut up whole chicken carcasses about once every 6 weeks, and i'd like to have a bit of fun when i do so, as well as prepping some vegetables. I'm...
  3. pirendeus

    WS Goldtouch v. USA Pans?

    I'm aware that both pan lines are made by USA Pans...but is there a difference other than the color, ridges, and cost? Has anyone owned both and can give a good comparison? Or has anyone experienced any better pans from other sources?
  4. pirendeus

    Help me understand my problem with Global sai knives

    After growing up with no experience in the kitchen, I started trying to cook well a year ago. I wanted a good knife, and I did a bit of research and it seemed that japanese knives had some advantages over western knives, so I handled a few knives at Williams Sonoma (the only cookware store in...
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