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  1. ed escobar

    Shun Bob Kramer 9 Slot Knife Block

    I received a beautiful Shun Bob Kramer 9 Slot Knife Block from my daughter and future son-in-law for Christmas.  While I love the look, I worry that its dark brown, almost black, finish will get dinged up and look awful from the sure to occur misses as I’m taking the knives in and out of the...
  2. ed escobar

    Dacor vs. GE Monogram Gas Cooktop

    I am in the middle of making a decision on buying a new gas cooktop for my kitchen. This is not a remodel—the kitchen is pretty nice as it is—I just want to replace an electric glass cooktop with gas. Given that I’m stuck with the existing cutout, my options are limited, but necessarily bad...
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