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  1. 84rhonda


    I'm in the processing of buying a stove and fridge for my new place. I have my eye set on a kitchen aid fridge. Question... what is the advantage to having a frêezer at the bottom rather than the conventional top freêzer drawer? The price diff is astounding. i was wondering if someone could shed...
  2. 84rhonda

    size of stockpot

    Hi all, long time no post. Anyhow, I need to invest in a stockpot. I want to revisit making stocks, brown veal stock, chicken, etc...The last time I attempted this, my fav kitchen store was nice enuff to lend me their 34 quart stock pot. Well, I was considering buying it, but I realize that it...
  3. 84rhonda

    Scientific food breakthrough

    I don't know if this has been posted yet, but I thought it was very interesting reading. Especially me who tends to mold out bread way too quickly.
  4. 84rhonda

    Grilling pans and steaks etc..

    Hrmm. did a search on this and came up with nada. What's the best way to cook a steak? I was watching Good ets (love that show btw), and he was suggesting a nice old fashoined cast iron grilling pan. Now does price make a big diff? I saw a Martha Stewart one..I know I know :rolleyes: , but it...
  5. 84rhonda

    Global G-4 and G-7?

    I was leafing through the Global brochures, and was wondering what is the difference between the Global G-4 (Oriental Cook) knife and the Global G-7 (Oriental DEBA). From what I was reading, and please correct me if I'm wrong, the G-4 is used as a "chef" knife whilst the DEBA is more of a...
  6. 84rhonda

    Magnetic knife strip

    I've found the perfect magnetic knife strip for me, but can't seem to find any Canadian stores that carry this one. Does anybody know where I can order this online. I must have this one!!! :bounce:Williams Sonona does not ship outside of the US for some reason. :mad: I can't make it to Toronto...
  7. 84rhonda

    Scallops...smells like??

    I just bought some scallops to stir fry with some Chinese brocoli. My question is how are the scallop supposed to smell like. Do they have a sweet odor and are they suppose to look like pearly white with maybe a slight hint of pinkness. They resemble fresh lychees to me. I've bought some cryoc...
  8. 84rhonda

    Demi glace/Veal stock revisited

    I hope some of you can help me with this. I did a search function for demi-glace and veal stock. I've always wanted to attempt this, so today I did. Actually, I'm in the process right now. Okay, so i used some of your advice (Chef David Simpson) but also followed the CIA cookbook for brown veal...
  9. 84rhonda

    Making Tuiles

    Hello everyone. I've been recently interested in Advanced dessert techniques and "showplating". One of the skills requires making TUILES and "bending" them into creative shapes etc..I'm no professional chef by any means, but i love to dabble in the kitchen. But I'm really struggling with making...
  10. 84rhonda

    Reality Tv Shows

    I don't know about you guys but I'm getting pretty tired of all these reality tv shows out there and fox who wants to marry a prince, a lawyer etc...But FOOD network Canada has a really good show based on all this reality stuff out there. looks real interesting. It's called "Cooking School...
  11. 84rhonda

    Happy Canada Day!

    First off, happy Canada day to all the Canadians on this board. Secondly, did anybody catch the new series on FOOD Network Canada called "COOK LIKE A CHEF"? It's a really great show, they showcase young canadian chefs and they show basic as well as advanced techniques. It shows on Monday nights...
  12. 84rhonda


    Anybody own any of the Donna Hay cookbooks? I bought one simply for its award winning photography, will be picking up the remaining three books when I get the chance. :eek:
  13. 84rhonda

    Newbie, ex-Montrealer!!!!!!

    Hi everyone, Im a newbie here, stumbled on this website by accident, I'm so glad I've found it too. What can say, I love cooking and eating. I'm not a professional chef, but I work in a field closely related to cooking, I'm a chemist by profession. I hope to hang out here on a regular basis, and...
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