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  1. jrjr

    1st Brioche

    Not only did we do macarons for the first time today we busted out some brioche. We used the recipe from Julia, and was pleasently surprised. The last time I cooked any type of bread it can put as a stone. It wasn't quite what I had in Paris, but now with a foundation I will be on a quest to...
  2. jrjr

    First crack at macarons

    My wife and I got a wild hair today and gave macarons a try. Tedious work, but all in all not too hard. We made a ganache for the filling. I found out I am terrible at piping, so my wife took over at that point. Below are some photos of the cookies. They are still cooking at the moment. We did...
  3. jrjr

    Hello from Germany

    Hello all! I have been stationed in Germany since 2010, and in Korea before that. Since my time away from the U.S. I experienced a wealth of incredible flavors. I have been inspired, at the home level, by the people and places I have met and visited. My wife and I recently decided to delve...
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