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  1. toyman

    Scottish Pancakes ?

    Thanks Jock We will try the recipe and give your mother full credit of course!
  2. toyman

    Scottish Pancakes ?

    Thanks for the info. I was completely lost on this one. I have a recipe for bannocks but a pancake recipe would be helpful. Maybe good with some mango chutney? Thanks again
  3. toyman

    Scottish Pancakes ?

    Maybe someone can help me with this. I am catering a High Tea and the customer is requesting "Scottish Pancakes" I have no idea what they are unless they are the traditional oatcake.( I dont even think they know what they are] Any ideas or suggestions would be helpful
  4. toyman

    I don't belong in this position

    As to your problem, my last job was working for an exec chef who was , in fact, very good. But he wanted people working for him that knew only what he taught them, that way they never questioned anything.they were simply programed robots who knew only their small part of the line and didnt want...
  5. toyman

    I'm new to this site...thought I'd say hello

    I only restore if it is the only solution. As with most antiques, it is best to leave them in original condition even if the condition is poor.
  6. toyman


    I agree with the chinese pine nuts. I buy them through a food purveyer and they do cost less than the non- chinese brands. Besides, i use them toasted, on my house salad so i buy the 10lb box. The quantity seems to bring the price down a bit too.
  7. toyman

    I'm new to this site...thought I'd say hello

    Thanks for the welcome. As to my cooking, I have recently become interested in ethnic cusines such as cajun and creole. I have also been trying to refine some soups and sauces, but my pleasure is working the grill. There is nothing like grilling! As for the antiques, i collect, buy...
  8. toyman

    Local foods that are from your area only......

    Being that West Virginia is not known for being a culinary mecca, the traditonal dish here has to be Pinto Beans. Cook them with a ham hock and top them with chopped onions, chow chow, or if they are in season, ramps. Eat them with cornbread, made with white cornmeal and buttermilk, and you...
  9. toyman

    Really dumb questions some customers have asked...

    Had a customer look in my baked goods case and ask me, pointing to the bagels, "What kind of donuts are those?"
  10. toyman

    sun dried tomatoes

    I like to use sun dried tomatos and basil incorperated into a good italian bread recipe.Great bread to serve with any pasta with a tomato based sauce. Speaking of pasta,sundried tomatos work well with a heavy pasta like penne' and a cream based sauce. I've had great luck with this
  11. toyman

    I'm new to this site...thought I'd say hello

    Looks like an interesting site.I just thought I'd check it out and see what is going on here.
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