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  1. trikstari

    Grilling (NOT smoking) Saint Louis ribs?

    I forgot about this. I would omit the liquid smoke if using charcoal, and simply used some soaked wood chips. But that's just because I've had some bad experiences with liquid smoke (lighter fluid taste). Always important to have a container of water in with your meat when smoking or grilling...
  2. trikstari

    Grilling (NOT smoking) Saint Louis ribs?

    I've done ribs a few different ways, only did them on my weber, indirect heat, one time. It turned out amazing, but it was exhausting to check on it every thirty minutes or so. I had trouble keeping my heat steady. Gas would be far better for this (this is why I only did it once. Too exhausting...
  3. trikstari

    Bean with Bacon Soup?

    I would think this, if it was just me. But every person in my household is getting this same copper taste. And if you google it, apparently Campbells is having this problem with a number of their soups.
  4. trikstari

    Comfort Food

    Simple grilled cheese, and Campbell's Tomato Soup, use whole milk instead of water (and maybe add in a little half&half) and add in a pinch of garlic powder and a pinch of onion powder, and a very, VERY small pinch dried basil. Cook on low, stirring constantly until it's just hot enough that...
  5. trikstari

    Bean with Bacon Soup?

    So, I've been pondering this for a while now. Growing up, my mom primarily cooked two soups for me and my sister. One being Campbell's Tomato soup, using whole milk instead of water, and the other being Campbell's Bean with Bacon Soup, using whole milk instead of water. Why whole milk? Because...
  6. trikstari

    Need Help With Boneless Rib Roast

    Way ahead of you on the Whiskey (probably too far ahead lol). I'm fine. Called out sick for the day I went to the doctor. It's just a Sinus infection. Taking my anti-biotics and it seems to be clearing up. also overloading myself on Aioili and any other garlic I can to boost my immune system.
  7. trikstari

    Need Help With Boneless Rib Roast

    So, just to give everyone a little update: Last weekend went off fairly well. Woke up at 5am and started pre-heating the oven. I had left the roast out all night, covered by aluminum foil. I had also removed a good portion of the fat cap, and smeared every last inch of that bad boy with...
  8. trikstari

    Roasting chicken and veggies in oven questions Why more steamed than grilled??? (Oven newbee).

    I've been told, and read elsewhere, that separating the skin from the chicken can give you a nice crust. Not removing mind you, just separating. Cut at the neck and use a silicon/rubber thingy to push down under the skin and get some air (or preferably, seasoned butter) down under the skin. The...
  9. trikstari

    I made brown onion gravy, what now?

    Add water or red wine, or both, cook some nice steaks in a pan, and deglaze the pan with it? Serve resulting concoction with steaks and a baked potato?
  10. trikstari

    Culinary Mystery -- Wine

    Lol I was expecting a discussion about wine in cooking. I was going to say "I don't drink wine, it's all sour grapes to me. I just cook with it, and I choose whichever bottle looks the most interesting (although I do know which types go with which foods etc)". Never heard of this though.
  11. trikstari

    Need Help With Boneless Rib Roast

    I'm the exact same way lol. I would try this method, if I didn't have such a low opinion of the oven in this house we are renting. I've seen it elsewhere, and most of the chefs showcasing it have said something along the lines of "you need a good oven for this". Not sure what we are going to...
  12. trikstari

    Need Help With Boneless Rib Roast

    I was thinking about low cooking, and then pan searing. That would be difficult though since the only roasting pan I have is "non stick", and I don't have a gas range (annoying electric coils).
  13. trikstari

    Lets talk steak

    I also like my ribeye on the grill, although I season and prepare it exactly the same way. To prevent sticking I just oil the grill grate with a little shortening on a paper tower, right before I put the steak on. I like the ribeye in the pan method, for the delicious pan sauce. Steak is...
  14. trikstari

    Help, need chicken help

    If you can get the combination right, lemon pepper chicken, seared in garlic, with finely sliced onions, and the pan deglazed with a nice Pinot Grigio, served over riced, can be wonderful. It's hard to get right though, as the lemon and the garlic can overpower one another (in either direction)...
  15. trikstari

    Lets talk steak

    I do almost exactly the same. The only difference is that I do not put my steaks back in the fridge after seasoning. I put down a paper towel under a cookie cooling rack, put the steaks on the rack, and then cover with a paper towel to ward off any devilish house flies. I allow the steaks to...
  16. trikstari


    Hello everyone. I'm Trik'Stari, or just Trik if you prefer. I love good food. Everything from cereal to ribs. I have a passion for foods that combine sweetness with savory and smokey flavors. I have an extreme dislike of all things spicy (I don't get why people want their food to be...
  17. trikstari

    BBQ Spare Ribs: Advice Require Please

    My only advice for ribs is to spritz them every time you check on them, with a half and half mixture of some quality apple cider, and a nice black spiced rum. Perhaps you could try something using butter, garlic, and onions? Butter is sweet, but when you add garlic and onions to the mix you get...
  18. trikstari

    Sweet Italian Vinegar

    1. Buy a nice thick ribeye 2. Season ribeye with coarse salt and coarse fresh ground black pepper. (you can add garlic and onion powder if you want, I do.) 3. Allow steak to sit on rack, for several hours, covered with paper towel. 4. Cook ribeye in a pan on high heat, with a little bit of...
  19. trikstari

    If you had the chance to go to Spain and Italy what would you bring back?

    Garlic. Garlic, to be grown here, so that I can stop pulling my hair out and having to buy 4 heads of garlic from Food Lion, just to get enough usable cloves to equal 1 head of garlic.
  20. trikstari

    Need Help With Boneless Rib Roast

    Hello everyone! This will be my first post here, and I might come back to post some of my own recipes (lifes a bit hectic at the moment, don't have much time to do anything besides work and sleep). But right now, I'm in a bit of a bind and I need some help. About a month ago, we lost my mother...
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