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    so why do you do it?

    Because I can't hit the curve ball.....
  3. eddievanhalen

    Who do you think is the best chef?

    Armando......the guy who makes the Pork Carnitas at that little place in the Mission District..... or is it Julio?... maybe it's Arturo.... anyway....whatever his name is.....he kicks ***!
  4. eddievanhalen

    onion tart

    I have had an Onion Tart on and off my menus for years now....IMO the best way is to just make a simple tart dough.....blind bake about half way with some dried beans in foil to hold it shape and to keep from browning too much.....let cool slightly then add your filling, whatever it might...
  5. eddievanhalen

    Meat temps

    Forget about the "overcooked" steak or whatever the issue with the food was.....The biggest issue I saw in your story is that your "chef" let some FOH bozo ream you out....sorry dude, that is unacceptable in my book.....if he is worth his Danskos, he should have had your least...
  6. eddievanhalen

    Whats up....

    Just would like to introduce myself......been a chef in the San Francisco Bay Area for about 20 years.....the last 8 as an Executive Chef at restaurants and hotels.....just looking for a nice place to exchange thoughts and ideas in this bizzare industry that many of us have chosen...
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