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  1. chef_dan_aus

    Do you still like us as Canadians?

    I first learnt to cook in the great town of Banff, Alberta, Canada. Any members who havent been there, I recommend you visit it, it is an unbelievable, spectacular place for one day, let alone 2 years. But in regards to the topic, in the end, people are people. Be it American people, Canadian...
  2. chef_dan_aus


    I personally would say french. Being traditional and all. But also since i learnt too cook in Canada, cussing in French is a good way to vent frustration, without upsetting the customers :D
  3. chef_dan_aus

    Your personal "comfort food" - ?

    I love the good old bacon, eggs and toast. It can be either breakfast lunch or dinner :)
  4. chef_dan_aus

    Balancing work and a relationship

    When it comes to life advice I also am fairly young (26), but I would say that you should follow your heart and not your mind. Dont think about the excitement that is marriage, think ahead to 20 or 30 years time. Will you be happy with this person? Are you sure you will still love this...
  5. chef_dan_aus

    School vs. Experience

    I agree completely. Just because someone may have not completed formal schooling does not mean they do not know the job! I have seen this first hand on more than one occasion. I guess these schools the other members talk about in the United States teach students the wrong impression, but here...
  6. chef_dan_aus

    I need help making better meatballs.

    I would also recommend baking rather than frying. A personal preference perhaps but I seem to get better results when baking. I also like with a marinate add a bit of everything to your sauce, red pepper, chilli, garlic all kinds of products. Sometimes they...
  7. chef_dan_aus

    What is the best Quote you have ever heard from a "Chef"!

    My favorite quote is from my first chef, who, when cooks would get frustrated and angry (as you sometimes do), would say....
  8. chef_dan_aus


    yeah thanks guys im looking forward to some input from other chef's, it will only make my skills better :) Always learning as it is :D
  9. chef_dan_aus

    School vs. Experience

    I was the same. I started off my career as a dishwasher, before slowly moving my way up the ranks over the years until I was working as a Sous Chef. It was after that when I decided to go to school, before accepting my first appointment as Exec. Chef. Years ago when I decided to pursue a...
  10. chef_dan_aus


    Hi my name is Dan and I am the Executive Chef at a medium sized Italian restaurant here in Australia. I accidently found this website the other day so im looking forward to talking with other chef's from around the world. :chef:
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